Terms and Definitions

  • Energy vampire – is a mythical being said to have the ability to feed off the “life force” (often also called qi, prana, energy or vitality) of other living creatures. Alternative terms for these persons are psychic vampire, pranic vampire, empathic vampire, energy predator (see below), psy/psi-vamp, energy parasite, energivore or psionic vampire. Source: Wikipedia.org
  • Collector – another name/term for energy vampire. Usually used between perpetuals when pertaining to the energy vampires they are emotionally attached with and/or had given most of their energy.

Energy Colors

  • Blue – the passive ones. the most common energy color there is. People with this kind of energy/aura are calm and usually passive in nature. They often let their heart decide over their mind and are easily swayed by others. This is also a common color among males.
  • Green – the thinkers. Greens tend to think things over a lot and are very worrisome. They are also innovators, able to think of ways outside the box. Some are also known to be perfectionists.
  • Red – the passionate ones. Reds often have short tempers and have a hard time getting away from trouble. They easily move in and out of love and tend to have a lot of ex-es and/or suitors along the way. They boast a lot of confidence and pride in themselves and would win almost all arguments posed before them. As opposed to Blues, Reds are more active in nature. It is always best to get on the good side of a Red.
  • White – the enlightened. Whites are people who have discovered a lot of things about themselves and are not afraid to show it. They are the most caring person you would ever meet. They tend to think more about others than their own self. Considered as a balance color of energy, having this color is said to be both a curse and a blessing at the same time. This is a common color for those who pursue religious works like priesthood.
  • Black – the evil ones. Blacks spill with negativity and can easily pass on depression from one person to another. They are very persuasive and they find pleasure when they are able to turn the tides in favor of them. Little is known about the Blacks because of their rarity today. It is believed that a witch with a Black aura is one of the most powerful there is.
  • Yellow – the shifters. Yellows share the most complicated personality compared to other colors as they are the only type that’s able to shift colors as fast as they could change their personality. They can easily hide their presence by making another color dominant. They are mysterious in a way that nobody can pinpoint what their exact personality is beyond what they pretend to be.

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