You don’t have to listen to them at all. You can do that, right? Turn that thing in your head off when necessary?

Aura frowned, thinking of a nice comeback. But if I did that, I won’t be able to learn a lot of things. Gossip. Yeah well, if that’s what you call it. I guess you aren’t interested about how that one fangirl got a picture of you naked.

Immediately, Xander stopped dancing and yelled. “WHAT?!”

“Mister Astrophel! Where do you think you’re going?!” Mrs. Hamilton asked as Xander passed her by, completely ignoring her call. “What happened here?”

She saw that Solace had already collapsed on the floor and was crying. Everyone had left their positions and went to comfort the crying girl.

“Okay, move away. You.” She pointed to one of the girls who was sitting close to Solace. “What happened here?”

“We don’t know, ma’am. We were practicing here when that guy started yelling at Solace.

“I-I was j-just…” she sniffed. “I-I just wanted t-to ask him if w-we could practice after class.”

Dennis was immediately at Solace’s side. “Are you alright, Solace? Did he do anything to you?”

Solace shook her head and started to wipe her tears away. Dennis frowned as he stood, intent on following Xander and giving him a piece of his mind.

“No.” Aura said sternly, holding Dennis’ arm in a tight grip. She felt him stiffen, but she stared at his eyes long and hard. “I’ll handle this one.”

Immediately, Dennis forgot about running after Xander and went off to the lockers instead to get his bottle of water for Solace. Aura then slipped out of the room and caught up with Xander halfway through the covered basketball court.

“Hey! Lex! Wait up!” she yelled. “What’s wrong with you?! Why are you so upset? Solace was just asking if you two can practice later.”

“Why?” Xander laughed mockingly. “YOU’RE asking me WHY?!”

“What’s your problem?” she frowned.

“What’s MY problem? My problem is YOU!” He yelled, pointing a finger at Aura’s face.

“Stop it, Lex! I don’t have a problem. You have!”

“Oh please, Aura. It’s not like it wasn’t obvious that you’ve been flirting back there. Are you trying to make me jealous on purpose?”

Aura stared at him in disbelief. “Me? Flirting? I-I…”

“Denial? I thought so. You probably liked the fact that Dennis ran his hands all over you.”

“HE DID NOT! He just placed his hand a bit too low by mistake!”

“Aura, puhlease… Do you actually believe in that lie? All sweet talking men do that.”

“I’m going to tell it to you once and for all, Lex. It was unintentional. If he really do it deliberately, I would have read it in his thoughts. It’s not me that he likes. It’s Solace, okay?”

“So you’re the one who’s flirting, not him?” he asked. “Even if you knew that guy already has someone…”


“Stop lying to me, Aura. Anyone can see the truth.”

“Fine!” Aura yelled, throwing her hands in the air. “If I really WAS flirting with him, what’s it with you, anyway? It’s not like we really ARE in a relationship, so what gives?”

At that Xander stopped. He opened his mouth to speak, but closed them again and looked away. Why is he acting like this? Is that what it was? Is he really jealous? But why? Like Aura said, they never were in a relationship. So why is he so jealous?!

“If you tell me you’re in love with me, I’ll slap you.” Aura threatened.


“You CAN’T fall in love with me, Lex.” She said.

“H-what?! What do you mean—I’m not falling in love with you!”

Aura stared at him intently, making him shut up. “You can’t fall in love with me, Lex. I’m sorry.”


“B-but why?”

Aura looked away. “It’s pretty complicated, Lex. Besides, even if you are feeling jealous, it’s just because of the contract.”


“These… feelings… that you are feeling right now… They aren’t real, Lex. It’s only because you have this very strong urge to protect me.”

“So you’re saying… That all this… Is because of this… This STUPID contract?!”

Aura bowed her head. “Yes.”

“ARGH! THIS. IS. UNBELIEVABLE! I can’t believe were still having this conversation!” he said, throwing his arms up in the air and turning to leave.

“Lex. Stop it, okay?! I want you to go back there and apologize to Solace. She’s innocent. She has nothing to do with this.”

“Pft. And now you’re ordering ME around?! What am I? Your slave?”

“Lex, please…”

Xander turned to Aura. “Please what, Aura? Get away from you? Stop being overprotective? Think about your fake feelings? Oh shut up, Aura. We know that’s impossible. Because of this stupid STUPID contract we got.”

Aura was speechless.

“And stop following me.” Xander murmured as he began to walk away.

“Lex! Wait! Where are you going? You can’t leave. Everyone back there thinks you’re a jerk!”

“I don’t care.”

“But what about P.E.? If you don’t go back there, Mrs. Hamilton will—“

“So? Stop acting so concerned about me when we both know you aren’t.” he said. “I was failing that class anyway. I’ll just make sure to get a better P.E. class next year. One that doesn’t have YOU in it.”

“But I am concerned.” She mumbled to herself as Xander left the basketball court. Only after he disappeared that Aura realized she had been crying.

To be continued…


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