“What are you doing here?!” Xander asked in a strained whisper.

“This is my P.E. class. What are YOU doing here?” Aura asked frowning.

“This is MY P.E. class. Do you really have to be everywhere I go? Should I expect you to appear in the Men’s washroom as well?”

The music started and the couples started to walk into the center one by one. Finally, Xander and Aura’s turn came. Xander gulped upon seeing the smug smile on Aura’s face.

It’s showtime!

At first, Xander was worried that Aura planned to trip up on her feet and cause a distraction. But as the dance went on, he started to notice that Aura was taking sure and measured steps. As if Aura knew just what to do…

You can dance?!

Just a little bit. Now take a half step to the left then back… Okay. Good!

Since when? I mean—

I don’t know. It’s been a long time. Instep then twist.

Xander obeyed her orders faithfully, not thinking that what she was dictating was something already out of Mrs. Hamilton’s idea for Swing.

Why are you here anyway? I mean, are you keeping tabs on me?

Aura smiled, suddenly remembering the same statement that she said to Bianca a day ago.

If you mean ‘do I stalk people for a hobby’, the answer is ‘No.’ Look out behind you!

He quickly recovered just in time to save himself from bumping into the nearby couple.

Nice reflexes. Does that come with being a vamp? She asked cheerfully.

No. Aura. Tell me the truth. Why. Are you. Here?

I told you already. This is my P.E. class. It’s not like I have any choice. Aura sighed. I’d love to be out there with the swimming team right now.

That makes the two of us. Xander grunted as he slowly spun Aura around.

At least, this makes a better cover. Aura thought.

Better cover for what? He asked, curious.

For other people. The normal ones. The vamps already know you’re my Collector, right? So they won’t be too surprised to see that we are together. But other people won’t stop snooping around unless they are sure that we are in a relationship of sorts. So why not go with the flow?

Xander made a mistake of stepping on to Aura’s foot at the mention of the word ‘relationship’.

“Ouch!” Aura yelled.

“Sorry.” Xander apologized.

What? Aura glared. Why did you just do that?

It’s an accident, okay? And frankly, you are NOT my girlfriend, okay? Let’s make that one clear.

Pft. Well everybody else thinks so.

Everybody? Xander asked, confused. Everybody like who?

Jerome. The people at your dorm. Your classmates. Your fangirls. Heck! Even Mrs. Hamilton thinks you’re my ex and that I wanted to get back at you so I enrolled in this class!

Whoa whoa whoa. Back up. I have fangirls? Suddenly, he gave a yelp of pain as Aura ‘accidentally’ stepped on his foot. “Watch it!”

“Oops. Sorry.” She sneered, pretending to sound innocent.

No really. I have fangirls? Where?

You boys. Always wanting to impress as much girls as possible. Do you guys give an award for the guy who impresses the most girls? When Xander frowned at this comment, Aura looked away, continuing with her statement. Oh they’re around. Always giving me migraines with their ‘Xander is so cool’, ‘Xander is so smart.’ ‘He’s a genius.’ ‘I can’t believe he and that girl are together’ ‘I think I’m much better than her.’ Argh! You’re so lucky you didn’t have to listen to all that crap every single day!

You don’t have to listen to them at all. You can do that, right? Turn that thing in your head off when necessary?

Aura frowned, thinking of a nice comeback. But if I did that, I won’t be able to learn a lot of things.


Yeah well, if that’s what you call it. I guess you aren’t interested about how that one fangirl got a picture of you naked.

Immediately, Xander stopped dancing and yelled. “WHAT?!”

“I said, that was outstanding, Mr. Astrophel. Your dancing is way better than your manners.” Mrs. Hamilton smiled flatly. “But I guess that’s all because of your partner, Ms. Divina, over here.  Do you have any background in ballroom dancing, dear?”

Dear?! Aura wanted to laugh out loud, but did her best to stop herself. “I had dance classes as a kid, ma’am. I never really thought I could still do it, though.”

“Well, if you said that earlier, then I should have given you a much better partner than Mr. Astrophel here.” Mrs. Hamilton scanned the room and found the person she was looking for. “Please  come forward, Mr. Zachary.”

The young man with short dark brown hair in the first row stepped forward.

“Ms. Divina, this is Mr. Zachary, one of our best pupils in this class. I will be pairing you with him so that you two can practice together and prepare for the upcoming competition.”

“C-competition?” Aura stammered as she and Dennis exchanged looks.

“All the Social Dance classes are having this competition next month. One pair shall represent each class and the winning class will get an award and a new sound system.  Since the two of you are the best one in class, I’m signing the two of you up. I know we will bag the first prize this time!”

“I- uh… What about Xander?”

“Well, he could take Dennis’ partner, Solace. “

Aura looked at Xander’s face in disappointment. Both of them are still shocked with how things had turned out.

“Umm… I guess… Okay.”

“Very well then, I want you to practice by yourselves. I’m going to go to the office and get your application forms.” Mrs. Hamilton warned. “No slacking around, alright?!”

“Yes, ma’am.” The class answered in chorus.

As soon as the teacher has left, everyone started to huddle around Aura. Especially the guys.

“Wow. That was awesome.” One of the girls said.

“So what’s your name?” The other asked.

“Aurelia. Aurelia Divina.” She replied.

A random thought from a girl surprised Aura. Aurelia… that means gold in Latin, right? Or was that Spanish?

Aura looked around, searching for the girl who came up with that thought. But instead, the guys started to huddle closer.

“Too bad you had to end up in this class.” One of the guys said. “I bet you’d do well in Ms. Bridgette’s class in the afternoon.”

“There wasn’t any choice. I just transferred here and they said this is the only P.E. left.” She said.

“You’re a transferee? From where?”  another guy asked.

As everyone started to interview Aura, Xander stood in the corner glaring at the group. He was focusing too much to not look like he was listening to them, that he did not notice a shy girl with orange-blonde hair come up to him.

“Uh… Hi…” she smiled.

“Hi.” He replied flatly, his eyes still not moving from Aura’s laughing face.

“I was just thinking maybe we could… umm… practice for a while… uhh… I-I’m really not good at dancing. So… uhh… I’m sorry in advance.”


Xander frowned when Dennis took Aura’s hand and dragged her from the group. He noticed Aura smiling shyly to Dennis and apologizing for causing him so much trouble. But it really irritated him when he placed his hand a little too low from Aura’s waist ‘accidentally’.

“Umm… Lex… maybe we could–” Solace started to ask, but was terrified when Xander yelled back at her.


Everyone turned to Xander and Solace’s direction, wondering what the problem was.

“I’m sorry, Lex! I didn’t mean to—“

“I said DON’T CALL ME THAT! Who do you think you are, anyway?!” he screamed. He then stormed out of the room, hitting Dennis’ shoulder and glaring at Aura as he passed by.



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