LadyGrey26>> Hold on. I’m confused. We’re talking about Ember right? Ember Divina? Your sister? How did Alyssa get into the picture?

Goldember<< I DON’T KNOW, OK? As far as I know, Ember didn’t turn into a vampire. Alyssa is, and she took Ember’s essence, okay? Now she uses both Ember’s powers and her name.

My, my. Time flies so fast. Aura thought as the teacher began the customary roll call of the students.  Already, it was Friday, and Aura is at the Physical Education building for her morning P.E. classes.

Having transferred a little late in the semester, Aura did not have the convenience of choosing a P.E. class. The only class with free slots left was Social Dance and in the end, Aura had no choice but to sign up.

A few minutes in class, and she already knew the reason why nobody chose this class for their first choice.

“… Dennis Zachary….” The pudgy dance teacher yelled. “Okay. Class. Go to your partners and do the formation we talked about last time. We will just be practicing Swing for now. Next meeting, we will have the practical exam. So you better stop fooling around, alright?”

As she began to walk around, only then did she notice Aura still sitting in the corner.

“You. Over there.” She kept on yelling as if there was a mountain in between her and Aura. “What are you doing here? Are you supposed to be in this class?”

Aura gave her registration form to the teacher, who inspected it with scrutiny. “This is pretty late. We’ve already finished with Swing. In fact, we’ll have the practical exams next week. Do you think you can catch up by that time?”

Aura bowed her head as she tried her best to keep her temper in check. What’s with this woman? Discouraging your students even before they even try? “I’ll try my best, ma’am.”

Mrs. Hamilton grunted. “If you think that ballroom can be learned that easily, you are mistaken. Ballroom is an art. It cannot be learned without the proper teacher.”

Aura rolled her eyes. We’ll see about that.

“Well, I better pair you up with someone then. “She then turned to the list, adding Aura’s name at the end. “Which one of you seven gentlemen would be willing to teach Miss Divina over here?”

Everyone stood frozen from their spots, not one of them willing to volunteer.  Mrs. Hamilton grinned.

“Now, gentlemen… don’t be so harsh on our new student. I know  you will succeed to teach her the basics in just a week.”

Immediately, there was a commotion between the students. Aura frowned. Ugh! Why are there so many hopeless cases in this school?!

Suddenly, there were a series of hurried knocks on the door. Aura gave out a gasped as the door opened to let the latecomer in.

“Look what the cat dragged in. Mister Astrophel. Good morning.” Mrs. Hamilton greeted sarcastically.

“Good morning.” Xander mumbled in reply, keeping his head bowed low.

“Next time, choose an afternoon P.E. class if you intend to graduate without waking up so early.” She grumbled.

As if I had any choice. Xander thought to himself.

Aura giggled, forgetting that Xander never said it aloud.

“Well… it seems someone here is amused.” Mrs. Hamilton glared at Aura, causing her to stop giggling.

“Aura?!” Xander exclaimed in disbelief. Aura smiled flatly. Hi.

She then turned to Xander, then grinned. “Since it seems that you are well acquainted with our newcomer, why don’t you take the responsibility of preparing her for next week’s practical exams, hmm? If you do it, I’ll forget about today’s tardiness.”

“Hwhat?! B-but!”

“But you want me to fail you? That’s fine with me.”

“No –! I-I mean…”

“Then no buts, Mr. Astrophel. Now get into the formation, both of you!”

“Yes ma’am!” they answered in chorus.

“What are you doing here?!” Xander asked in a strained whisper.

“This is my P.E. class. What are YOU doing here?” Aura asked frowning.

“This is MY P.E. class. Do you really have to be everywhere I go? Should I expect you to appear in the Men’s washroom as well?”

“Eherm! Mr. Astrophel. Please stop harassing Ms. Divina.” Mrs. Hamilton yelled.

Xander hissed as he dragged Aura to the back row.

Is she always like that? God! I hate her! Aura turned to Xander, her eyes questioning. You hate her too, don’t you?

You can see she isn’t that nice of a person. Xander thought. As if we had any choice. Nobody wants Social Dance because of her. That’s why all late enrollees end up here.

Well I’m gonna do something about it. Aura grinned.

What-d? What are you planning to do? Don’t use any of your Perpetual powers on her! He warned.

And blow our cover? I’m not stupid. Of course I won’t do that. Aura put her hands into position and gripped Xander’s shoulder tightly. Don’t worry. Trust me on this.



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