She knew that she shouldn’t have asked him that in the first place. She was getting too confident around Xander Probably because he is her Collector now. But it doesn’t change anything. She thought. It shouldn’t change anything.

LadyGrey26>> Hello, Aura. It’s been a while.

For a moment, Aura hesitated. She took a quick glance at Xander, who looked back at her with questioning eyes. She frowned at him, then returned to the screen. The Instant messenger popped back up.

LadyGrey26>> Hello, Aura. It’s been a while.


LadyGrey26>> I know you’re there, Aura.

The cursor blinked, waiting for Aura’s reply. She sighed and finally typed in.

Goldember<< Hello, Bianca.

There was an immediate reply from the other line.

LadyGrey26>> How are you, dear? I haven’t heard from you for years!

Bianca paused when she read Aura’s next reply.

Goldember<< Have you found him yet?

It took a while before Bianca replied.  The words “LadyGrey26 is typing…” kept on appearing and disappearing on the screen.

LadyGrey26>> Cassandra has been a big help. We’ve managed to get most of the Sanctuary together, but there are still others that are missing.

Goldember<< Have you found him yet?

There was a long pause before Bianca replied. Both of them knew just who this “he” that Aura was talking about.

LadyGrey26>> I’m sorry, Aura. There have been no traces as to where my brother is. I think it’s time that we just accept that he has passed away.

Goldember<< No.

LadyGrey26>> Aura, we didn’t see him after the massacre. Let alone feel him. He has… disappeared from this world.

Goldember<< No. He escaped. I know it. He must be alive somewhere.

LadyGrey26>> I hope so, Aura. We’re doing our best to put the Sanctuary back together. There are new recruits. You should meet them. 🙂

Goldember<< Maybe next time. I’m still having problems keeping myself alive.

LadyGrey26>> 🙂

LadyGrey26>> Cassie says you’ve grown stronger in these few years. Maybe you should teach these newbs a thing or two. They are giving me a headache.

Goldember<< You’ve been keeping tabs on me?

LadyGrey26>> Just a bit. You know I have to, Aura. 😛

Goldember<< So much for independence and privacy.

For a while, the messenger remained silent. Then, a new message.

LadyGrey26>> Aura.

Goldember<< Hmm?

LadyGrey26>> Stay away from vamps.

Too late for that, Bianca. Aura thought, casting a sideways glance at Xander who was still immersed with what he was reading.

LadyGrey26>> We all know that its you they’re really after, Aura. They know what you can do, and what you would be able to do. Until I managed to get most of the Sanctuary together, don’t get yourself involved with vamps, Aura. Even those not associated with the massacre. Latents. Avoid them. We can’t offer much protection from here, but I’ve already sent some people over to watch you.

Goldember<< Sorry, Bianca. I can’t do that. They’re already stepping on my turf. And I can protect myself if I need to.

LadyGrey26>> Stop being so stupid, Aura! Get away from vamps, okay?

Before Aura could stop herself, she has already sent the message to Bianca.

Goldember<< Alyssa’s here.

LadyGrey26>> Alyssa?

Goldember<< The vamp who calls herself Ember.

LadyGrey26>> Ember’s alive? And she’s a vamp now? But that’s impossible!

LadyGrey26>> Hold on. I’m confused. We’re talking about Ember right? Ember Divina? Your sister? How did Alyssa get into the picture?

Goldember<< I DON’T KNOW, OK? As far as I know, Ember didn’t turn into a vampire. Alyssa is, and she took Ember’s essence, okay? Now she uses both Ember’s powers and her name.

LadyGrey26>> Alyssa? Are you sure? But that girl was a normal human.

Goldember<< A Latent.

LadyGrey26>> I can’t believe she managed to become a vamp and drain Ember in such a short span of time. Ember is one of the strongest and well-developed Perpetuals in the Sanctuary.

Goldember<< Wait a sec. You remember Ember? You remember my sister?

LadyGrey26>> Of course. She’s my best friend!

“Oh sh*t!” Aura shot up from her seat, rereading the last words that Bianca has just sent. Xander jumped up in surprise.

“What-d?!  Stop scaring me, Aura, okay?”


“What?” he said irritatingly as he glanced to where Aura sat.  The frown in his face was immediately replaced with worry as he looked up to Aura’s face.

There was shock.

And tears.

“Hey, I’m sorry for yelling at you like that, okay?” Slowly he stood to console her but before he could place a hand on her shoulder, she mumbled his name once more.



“She remembers, Lex.”


She slowly turned to face him, and Xander could see the happiness light up in Aura’s earlier somber face. “She remembers Ember, Lex! She remembers! Ember is alive!”

The tears continued to pour as Aura locked Xander in her tight embrace. Earlier, there was only confusion in Xander’s mind. Of course Ember is alive. She’s that vamp that tried to attack us, right? He wanted to think more about the silliness that just hit Aura. But all these thoughts immediately stopped as soon as their bodies made contact. Immediately, Xander felt really happy for Aura. He knew that she was certain that Ember is still alive. That she managed to survive whatever massacre had hit Aura’s family before. He knew that together with Aura, they will find her again. He didn’t question about how Aura found out this vital information, or who it was she was talking to over the messenger. All that mattered to him then was Aura’s happiness.

Your happiness becomes my happiness.

We are one.

He smiled as he let the girl cry on her shoulders.

Yes. Somehow, Ember is alive.

And they will find her.



~ by urbanwitch on October 19, 2009.

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