Why doesn’t she already give it up? It’s not like she could return to the normal life of before.

No. Not now that she had dedicated her very existence to Him.

Suddenly, Angela Aki’s version of “Kiss from a Rose” began playing from her cell phone. Someone is calling her. She looked at the screen. It was her date for that afternoon.

She hesitated. Should she answer it?



“You are a Yellow, right?” Aura asked again, cutting the awkward silence that had settled between them. In her head, she scolded herself. That was a really smooth move, Aura. Do you really want to win his trust or not?

She knew that she shouldn’t have asked him that in the first place. She was getting too confident around Xander Probably because he is her Collector now. But it doesn’t change anything. She thought. It shouldn’t change anything.

“Yes.” He answered, walking over to where she sat. Quickly, Aura shifted the monitor to face him, so he could read the rest of the file.

It was an extensive research paper discussing the attributes of each energy color in detail. Most of the information written there were the ones familiar to him. But there were a lot of information that he doesn’t know.

As if reading his thoughts again, Aura said, “I would let you read all these information, but you can’t get a copy of it.”

“Why not?” he frowned. “And I wish you’d stop reading my mind.”

“Sorry. It’s kinda automatic now that you are my Collector.” She apologized. “But just imagine how Jerome would react if he suddenly reads this material. How are you going to explain to him about energy vampires, Essences and energy?”

Xander fell silent. Aura took the mouse from Xander’s hand and quickly scrolled down to the rest of the article, to the part that discusses about Yellows.

“The basic element of the Yellow is the Earth or soil. Like those in the other energy colors, if tapped, a Yellow (mortal, vamp or Perpetual) may learn Geokinesis (controlling the earth with just the mind). But the hidden potential of the Yellow is its adaptability and ability to shift. Because a Yellow can shift colors, he/she would also be able to gain control, usually of minimal nature, of the current energy color that they are attuned to. For example, a Yellow who currently uses Blue energy would be able to gain control with water, its element.

No other energy color could do the same ability, as shifting is unique to Yellows alone. If anyone found a Black vamp with the same ability, he/she is probably hiding the fact that he/she is a Yellow, or that Black is using a set of illusions to make it appear that he/she is using Geokinesis or any other ability that is unique to the other colors.”

“Wow.” Xander looked at Aura in disbelief. “I didn’t know we could do that… control the elements… I thought all that is just in the cartoons and movies.”

Aura grinned. “Well, where do you think they were based from?”

“It’s just… all these sound impossible.”

“Same thing. You never believed in ‘energy vamps’ until you turned into one, right?”

“So this means… I… We… get to control the earth?”

“And a bit of the other elements as well.”


Aura’s face saddened as she turned back to her desktop to click the icon that would connect her to the Internet. “Now you know… Why the vamps are after me…”

Xander fell silent, not knowing what to say. He tried to focus on reading the rest of the article, but his mind kept trying to think about one thing.

Why him? Why did Aura choose him to protect her? He is inexperienced in vampiric battles. And his knowledge about Perpetuals and Vamps barely scratches the surface. In fact, it was only now that he realized there was more to Energy Vampirism than just taking the energy of others to replenish his own.

Is that the reason? Did she choose him because he knows so little? So that she would be able to control him and make him do what she wants?

Is he just that? Her pawn?

Xander frowned.

“Are you okay?” Aura asked upon seeing him frown. The sound of her voice took him out of his reverie. He smiled sheepishly. “Just having a hard time reading some of these words… How old is this research paper anyway?”

“That’s just the electronic copy. The original was written around the 1800’s, I think.”

Xander nodded, then returned to reading the rest of the article. Aura turned back to the desktop(?) and gave a sigh of relief as the computer beeped to indicate that it has finally succeeded in connecting to the Internet.

The Instant Messenger automatically popped up by default, displaying the names of the few contacts that she has. It’s been a while since she went online. Or made her presence known in the Internet. Because just looking at her Contacts makes her think just how little time she has…

Before she too disappears.

A small window suddenly popped up on her screen.

LadyGrey26>> Hello, Aura. It’s been a while.



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