“You were a normal human being once. Why did you choose to become an energy vampire?”

He stopped pretending and turned towards Aura. She was sitting behind the desk, looking at him and waiting for his answer.

“Revenge.” He paused, walking over to the fireplace and studying the cuckoo clock that hang above it. “Someone died because I was not strong enough. I needed all the power I could get. I can’t forgive him for what he did.”

“You can’t forgive him, or you can’t forgive yourself?”


“STUPID LITTLE BITCH!” Ember screamed as she slumped down her red velvet bed.  For a moment, the flame of the tea light candle under her aromatherapy kit grew big, making the liquid above it boil. It grew small again after Ember noticed it and she started to calm down.  So much for the calming power of Lavender. She thought as she buried her face under the pillows.

Why doesn’t anybody believe that she could do it? All she wanted was to prove to Him that she was worthy of him. That she can do everything for him. Will do everything. Just like always. And yet… here she is, coming home as a failure.

Ember didn’t know that Aura would be in Café+Pasta that afternoon. In fact, she went there because she was supposed to meet with someone. Funny how she, a Hunter, would go on a date with an ordinary mortal. But then again, after having lived with so many Perpetuals and Vamps for so long, wouldn’t you want to be with other people who would treat you like a normal human being and think of vampires merely as the bloodsuckers of ancient lore? Yes. For her, it reminds her that she is just as human as they are. And yes, there are a lot of times that made her wish that she didn’t have to be an energy vampire in the first place. Life is complicated as it is.

She didn’t notice her at first. Her energy was faint, almost indistinguishable from the energy of ordinary Humans among them. But suddenly, when that energy burst into life, Ember knew that a Perpetual is present in that place. She wanted to ignore it so badly. She wanted the presence to leave. Yet it seems the temptation herself was walking into her path.

She saw Aura stand up and make a run for the washrooms.


For a moment there, it seemed that time has stopped. She was torn between wanting to live a normal life and fulfilling her mission. If she wanted to impress him that badly, she should stand up and run after her right now. And she is going to do just that. It is her reason for living.


“IM ON MY WAY DER. SEE YOU L8R @ CAFÉ+PASTA. :)” (I’m on my way there. See you later at Café+Pasta)


Ember swore. She took a look at the washrooms and saw Aura’s hand grabbed her companion into the washroom. What a slut! As if I don’t know already what she and her Collector is going to do in there! I didn’t know she was this much in a hurry!

Enraged, Ember forgot all about her date and marched up to the counter to get someone to help her. She could not let the two of them get their way!

“Get me the manager.” She told the girl at the counter.

“Is there a problem, Ma’am?” the girl asked.

“I want to speak to the manager, and I want a word with him right now!” she yelled. All the other customers started to look at their way, curious as to what was going on. They started to whisper among themselves. Ember quickly turned their way and silenced them with an angry glare. The girl looked like Ember scared the hell out of her and she quickly ran off to the back door to call their manager.

It took her five minutes to get him. By the time he and the girl returned to the counter, Ember was already impatiently tapping her finger on the counter. “About time!” she frowned.

Immediately, Ember noticed a change in the manager’s expression as their eyes met.  He suddenly softened up, and had an entranced look about him. Good.

“Is there a problem here, Madam?” he immediately asked, beaming a smile afterwards.

“I just saw two students enter the girl’s washrooms and I think they are up to no good.” Ember said.

The manager gave a look of disappointment before continuing. “It’s pretty common here, ma’am. Usually the students would come in and use the washrooms to change into their P.E. uniforms. It’s pretty convenient since the gymnasium is nearby. Those students probably just wanted to save time, that’s why they both entered at the same time.” He tried to smile again afterwards, but it did nothing to reassure her.

“Even if they were a boy and a girl?” she asked with fake innocence.

“Wh-what?! A boy and a girl?”

“Yes. A teenage boy and a girl entered the female washrooms a few minutes ago. In my books, that means that they are up to no good.” Ember said confidently. “Or does your management just let kids make out in their washrooms?”

Suddenly, he blushed, embarrassed at her sudden statement. Some of the customers tried to look their way again. He began to be alarmed. If word gets out that they let such students do these things…

“Oi! Get me the keys right away!” he hollered to some of the male crew members that were gaping at Ember. Ember grinned. Her irresistible charm never failed. Especially since it came well developed with the package of that Red Perpetual.

Ember swore in her head again as she thought about how the original Ember used her charm.

Must be how she got her way into His heart. She thought, swearing afterwards.

The door of the washroom swung open, and they stared inside an empty stall.

They had escaped.

“Sir! The kitchen! It’s on fire!” she heard one of them screaming outside the door.

Calm down. Calm down. You can’t let this place burn into ashes. So many innocent people would die. You don’t want to happen again, don’t you? A voice inside her head whispered.

“SHUT UP!!!” she yelled again.


The sound of her cell phone beeping brought Ember back to the present.  She grabbed it from the night stand and read the message.

“I’M HIR @ CAFÉ+PASTA. WER R U?” (I’m here at Cafe+Pasta. Where are you?)

Her irritation was beginning to creep up again. She sighed and forced herself to calm down a bit before she replied.

“SORRY BOUT 2DAY. CAN’T MAKE IT. SOMETHING IM4TNT CAME UP. (Sorry about today. Can’t make it. Something important came up.)” she texted in. After staring at the words for a few moments, she pressed the “Send” button. I won’t be seeing him again probably. Too bad. So much for my first normal date. She sighed. It’s the third time already that she had missed meeting up with this guy she met online. And from her experience, most of the guys she’d known had given up on her at that point.

Why doesn’t she already give it up? It’s not like she could return to the normal life of before.

No. Not now that she had dedicated her very existence to Him.

Suddenly, Angela Aki’s version of “Kiss from a Rose” began playing from her cell phone. Someone is calling her. She looked at the screen. It was her date for that afternoon.

She hesitated. Should she answer it?


“Hello? Umm… I just wanted to check up on you. You didn’t sound so good. Are you okay?”

Ember did not understand it. But upon hearing his voice, her burdens suddenly eased. And she felt herself starting to calm down and forget about everything. Everything, except talking to him.

“I’m okay now. Thank you.” She smiled the most human smile she could do. It was not something she had done in years, and it felt great.

Knowing that after all, she is still human.



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