The raven haired girl smiled. “Well, where is she, Ember? I thought she’d be here right now?” Her smile widened into a sarcastic grin. “Or was she too much for you?”

“Shut up, you filthy little brat!” Ember snapped.

“He told you to wait, didn’t he? But you didn’t listen. You never do, don’t you, Ember?”


“It’s the same thing with you energy vamps, right?” Aura asked.

There was a momentary pause before he answered. “Yes.” “It was a risk I had to take.”

Aura stared at his face, thinking to herself. Again, Xander wished he could read her mind too. “Stop it.” He frowned.

“Sorry.” She said, looking away.


“What can I do to help you, Aura?”

“You can’t do anything, Xander. You are too young… too inexperienced…”

“But…I can’t let them drain you!”

“After they drain me, it wouldn’t matter anymore.” She said sadly. “You wouldn’t even remember having met me.” She gave him a small sad smile afterwards.

“You talk like some sick patient whose days are numbered.” Xander frowned.

“Because I am! My days had always been numbered ever since I was born!” She snapped back. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes again. “He was right. I can only run. But I can never escape them.”


Surprise passed Aura’s face. “I…It’s nothing…”

“You’re lying. Again.” Xander suddenly stood from the bed and started to pace in the small space . “You’re never a good liar, Aura. Tell me the truth. All of it. Who is this he and why is he sending energy vampires after you?”

Aura looked straight into his eyes. “Why do you want to know, Xander? You can’t protect me even if you want to. I’ll end up being drained anyway, so why do we have to prolong the ordeal?”

“Then why did you run away from Ember?” Xander snapped.

The answer caught Aura off guard. She fell silent.

“You want to live, don’t you, Aura?”

She turned her head away to the window and pretended to look at the windows outside, refusing to answer any more of Xander’s questions.

“You want to live. That’s why you keep running away. That’s why you try to escape.” Xander sat back on the bed and faced her. “Because you want to live.”


“Aura, there must be anything that I could do to help you.” Xander pleaded. “If you make me your Collector, then maybe…”

“NO!” she yelled. “I can’t do that!”

“But Aura…”

“Please Xander. I don’t want to talk about this.” She started to get off the bed and make her way to the door. Xander quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Aura. It’s the only way. They think I’m your Collector already, so there isn’t too much of a risk there. Either you officially make me your Collector or leave me as it is, it doesn’t change anything much. They would come after me. They would come after you. It would be much easier to get out of this mess if we work together.”

Aura dropped her grip from the doorknob and turned towards Xander. The pain in her eyes was back. “Are you sure about your decision, Alexander Astrophel?” she asked him softly.

“Yes.” He answered firmly. Suddenly, a memory of what Aura had said before flashed in his head.

Because I can’t let another soul die because of me.”

He shoved that last thought away. He had decided on helping her and that’s it. Taking his hand into hers, she closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, Xander had an awkward feeling that she could see right down to his soul as she looked straight into his eyes. “Very well, promise me, with all your heart and soul and mind.

“That you, Alexander Astrophel, would take me for who I am.

Body and soul. You will be mine.

That you vow to protect me from all who come to hurt me, and would not hesitate to kill for my sake.

That you will serve no other Perpetual besides me.

That you will dedicate your own existence to my own.

And that only I, Aurelia Divina, would be the only Perpetual worthy for your soul.

So mote it be.”

“So mote it be.” He replied.

“And I, Aurelia Divina, promise you with all my heart and soul and mind.

That I would take you for who you are.

Body and soul. I will be yours.

That I vow to give you my energy, and would not hesitate to die for your sake.

That I will serve no other Collector besides you.

That I will dedicate my own existence to your own.

And that only you, Alexander Astrophel, would be the only Collector worthy of my soul.

So mote it be.”

“So mote it be.” He answered.

She stepped closer to him. Close enough that he could feel her breath against his chest. “And this, I vow.” She continued.

“And this, I vow.” He followed.

“Until the contract is broken by Death or nonexistence.”

“Until the contract is broken by Death or nonexistence.”

“Between me, your Perpetual.”

“And me, your Collector.”

“So mote it be.” They said together.

Taking her hands from his, Aura reached up and pulled Xander’s face closer to hers, sealing the contract with a long deep kiss. Xander felt the sudden burst of warm energy as soon as their lips met. The energy quickly made its way into his system and enveloped his soul in its warmth, comforting him and easing all his pains and doubts. It was the most incredible thing he had ever felt in his whole life. Like his soul has found the sanctuary he had been looking for.

He opened his eyes to look at Aura when the door suddenly burst open.

“Hey dude, they ran out of anti…bi…o…tics..”

Jerome stood there at the door, gaping at the two creatures kissing in front of him. He tried to look away, to leave immediately, but something about the two rooted him on the spot.

A bright golden aura surrounded both Aura and Xander. They were glowing.

It was Aura who broke the kiss, and Xander who noticed Jerome’s presence. The glow disappeared as soon as the connection between the two broke. Immediately, the latter moved away from Aura, startled at his friend’s sudden arrival. “J-jerome… I-I…”

“See you tomorrow, Xander.” Aura smiled. She then turned to leave. “Bye, Jerome.” She said as she passed by him.

“Hey, Aura wait up!” Xander yelled back. He was about to follow her when she heard her voice, loud and clear, inside his head.

“Tomorrow, Lex. I will tell you everything you need to know. For now, you have a lot of explaining to do to Jerome.”

Slowly, Xander turned to Jerome, who stood behind him, grinning.

“Not your girl, huh? Not your girl.” He mocked, shaking his head in disapproval. “You’ve been keeping a lot of things from me, dude.”

“Shut up.” Xander muttered. He took one last glimpse at the hallway where Aura had ran off before closing the door behind him.



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