“I failed to protect that person too, Aura. And I vowed to myself that I will never let that happen again.”

She stared at the door, where she is sure Xander was standing on the other side. He is an energy vampire. Just like the monsters who took Ember away. And the monsters who would, eventually, take her as well. But, he is different from them. He tried to protect someone.

Just like Him. She thought suddenly.


Xander took their stuff from the floor and was about to escort her outside when Aura suddenly swore. “She’s here!”

“What?” Xander frowned, confused.

She’s here! Ember! We have to get out of here!” she panicked. “Quick! Get in here!”

“But that’s-”

“Come on!”

Aura dragged Xander inside the ladies washrooms just in time. A young woman of around 20 years in age with short black wavy hair stepped into the narrow hallway that separated the men’s washroom from the ladies’. She was frowning.

I’m sure I felt her here. Ember thought.

The woman in the red coat turned towards the door of the ladies’ washrooms. She grinned then stepped away.

“I think she’s gone already.” Xander whispered, moving away from the door. “Aura?”

He turned around to see the girl sitting in the corner, her face almost deathly pale and her lips turned blue.

“Aura! Aura! Wake up! What happened?!” He shook her vigorously.

Slowly she opened her eyes, still groggy from her effort. “X-Xander?” she mumbled. “Is she gone?”

“I think so… for the moment.”

Aura sighed. Color was starting to creep up her cheeks again. “We have to get out of here.” She said as firmly as she could. She wobbled a bit as she stood and Xander had to help steady her or she would fall. “Thanks.”

“What was that? For a moment there, I thought you were dead.” Xander frowned.

“I suppressed my energy so that she won’t trace me in here. I can only do that if I pretend to be dead.” Aura replied as she looked around.

Xander was about to argue when she pointed to the small window located high above the toilet bowl. “There’s a small alleyway behind the restaurant. I think we could make a run for it before she notices me again.”

He looked up to the small opening. It looked too narrow for any of them to fit through. “Are you sure about this, Aura?”

“C’mon.” she said. “Give me a boost up, then throw down our stuff after I get to the other side.”

Footsteps started to come nearer.


There was a loud knock on the door. “Hello? Is there any problem in there?” yelled a man outside.

Aura stepped on Xander’s back and easily climbed into the narrow opening. It wasn’t long until he heard her jump down on the other side. “Hurry, Xander!”

Outside, the yelling got louder. “Hello?!” When there was no response, the manager asked for the key from one of the waiters. Ember stood by the side, watching the whole scene intently with a wide grin on her face.

Xander took a peek at Aura from the window. It was about 10 feet high from the window to the narrow street at the back. She then caught the bags that he threw down and waited for him to follow. When suddenly…


Her face crumpled. “No! Get out of my head!”

“You can’t escape me…” the deep dark male voice in her head taunted.

“Yes I can.” her frown deepened. “Leave me alone.”

“I found you, Aurelia. And I will have you again.”

“Shut up!” she yelled suddenly.

Ember frowned on the other side at the door as the waiter stumbled with getting the key into the keyhole. “Hurry up, will you?” she complained. “I can’t stand here all day.”

“Aura! What’s happening there?” Xander yelled. There was no response.

Xander took one last look at the door before climbing over the small window. He had a lot more difficulty squeezing his average frame through the opening than Aura had. The door swung open right after Xander had jumped down to the other side.

Ember, together with the manager and the waiters, looked at the empty washroom, dumbfounded. The manager and the waiters inspected the door while Ember made her way inside.

“Stupid kids. They must have locked the door again.” The manager mumbled. “I’m sorry it took so long, Miss…” He looked up at her face. She was furious. Sensing her anger, he and his group slowly backed away. “If there are any more problems, Ma’am–”

She waved them away. The manager closed the door behind Ember as quietly as he could. As soon as the door shut, Ember scanned the washroom and noticed the still open window.

They had escaped.



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