It’s been a week after the fire. They finally allow her to go at the site and look at the aftermath. She found Ember’s silver 6-band puzzle ring under some rubble covered in some soot. Aura picked it up and was about to walk away when something happened. Soon, she found herself crying, finally understanding what had happened. The tears would not stop. Ember was never coming back.


Aura fingered the silver necklace that hung around her neck, searching for its elusive pendant composed of six interlaced silver rings. Her hand wrapped itself tightly upon the familiar pendant. She felt calm and secure whenever she did this, and she would reach for the rings whenever she feels stressed or nervous. Because it helps her remember the calming reassurance made by the pendant’s previous owner.

Aura had begun to calm down. The tears which she thought were endless had stopped without her noticing it as she focused her energy to the six rings she held in her right hand. Those six rings used to be part of one whole puzzle ring. That was how she found the ring after the fire. Whole.

It was after seeing her first vision that the puzzle ring broke apart into its six separate pieces on its own. She didn’t know why it happened, and no matter what methods she tried, Aura could not put the ring back together again. She had let other people try, but even they could not put it back. Five long years had passed, and she had given up trying to put it back together and decided to use it as a pendant instead.

She did learn, though, that apart, each of the six rings hold a very valuable memory. Ember’s memories. The solid proof that she had, after all, existed in this world.

There was a soft knock on the washroom’s door. “Aura?” Xander asked. “Are you okay?”

Xander sighed. Putting his backpack on the floor, he placed Aura’s stuff above it and waited. “Aura?” he began. “I’m sorry…”

She was about to yell back when his thoughts passed her mind. “I understand.”

Confused, she kept her mind still. Listening.


“You know what surprised me about you? You kept calling me Lex. It’s been two years since I last heard someone call me that.”

Aura went pale and swore at herself. She must have tapped into some of Xander’s buried memories when she first fed him and had unconsciously used that pet name. Immediately, she tried to figure out a logical alibi. “I-I’m s-sorry, Le-Xander… I…”

“I failed to protect that person too, Aura. And I vowed to myself that I will never let that happen again.”

She stared at the door, where she is sure Xander was standing on the other side. He is an energy vampire. Just like the monsters who took Ember away. And the monsters who would, eventually, take her as well. But, he is different from them. He tried to protect someone.

Just like Him. She thought suddenly.


He heard her turn on the tap and let water run down the sink. After a while, he heard her twist it shut and the door opened. “I’m sorry, Xander.” She apologized with her head bowed low. “I-I…”

“No, it’s okay, Aura.” He raised her face up to make her meet his gaze. Her eyes were red from all that crying. “That name thing… It’s nothing I have to be upset about. What I’m worried about is that I won’t be able to protect you that much.”



~ by urbanwitch on February 11, 2009.

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