“Hello there,” she said sweetly. “This is a great surprise.”

The voice in the other line doesn’t seem to be affected with her voice and asked flatly. “Have you found her?”

She frowned. All he thinks is Her, Her, Her. “Yes, I have. She’s under my territory as of now, so there is nothing to worry about.” She wasn’t afraid to show the irritation in her voice as she said this.

“Good.” The person on the other line replied. “I’ll send the others to your location. Don’t act or make yourself known until that time. Goodbye.” The line went dead.

She put the phone back in her bag. In her mind, Ember scoffed. Since when did she listen when someone told her that?


“The original Ember was my best friend.”

He stared at her for a moment in silence. Even someone as powerful as Aura had lost someone. And of all reasons, she lost that person to an energy vampire like him.

The silence became unbearable for Aura. She suddenly stood from her seat and quickly walked to the direction of the café’s washrooms.

Xander stopped pretending to eat and rose from his seat. After leaving some money to pay for both their bills, he took both their things and followed Aura to the washrooms. The memory came back to Xander’s mind once more. “We are monsters. That is the true nature of a human being.”


The tears had already fallen halfway to the washrooms. It was a struggle for her to keep them back. Especially since the old painful memories kept on demanding for her attention.

“Hey, Aura, watch this!” A small voice behind her said. A 5-year old Aura turns to face a 6-year old girl with pale skin, emerald green eyes and light auburn red hair tied in two small pigtails. It was her new friend, Ember. The little girl beams a smile and opens her palms, showing a marble-sized ball of fire floating above her palms. The two watched in amazement as it glowed brighter and floated higher, disappearing when the wind came and blew it off. They looked at each other and smiled. Now, Aura’s not the only one who has powers. Since then, they became best friends.

“That’s it, Aura! You can do it!” cheered the 10-year old Ember. It was the final lap, and Aura’s arms and legs are already tired. She saw Ember’s faint image waiting on the other side of the pool during the few seconds that she raised her head from the water. “Just a little more, Aura. Come on!” Aura began to swim harder. Faster. Until before she realized it, she had reached the edge of the pool and the other girl was pulling her up. She was the first one in her swimming class to finish the routine. Everyone was proud of her. Especially Ember.

Aura was 12. It was midnight. She had just woken up from a bad dream. “Shh… Calm down, Aura.” Ember said, smiling. “Nobody’s going to come get you. I won’t let them get you, understand. I’ll protect you from them. So stop crying, alright?”

Aura’s 15th birthday. A fire broke in the area. Aura was found trapped within the burning house. Except for a mild head concussion and smoke in her lungs, she was unhurt. When she awoke, the first person she looked for was Ember. Nobody knew who Ember was.

It’s been a week after the fire. They finally allow her to go at the site and look at the aftermath. She found Ember’s silver 6-band puzzle ring under some rubble covered in some soot. Aura picked it up and was about to walk away when something happened. Soon, she found herself crying, finally understanding everything. The tears would not stop. Ember was never coming back.

She thought she had gotten over it. She thought she had been numbed by the five long years she used to forget about it. She thought that by now the pain would have disappeared.

She was wrong.

The tears refused to stop once more.



~ by urbanwitch on February 3, 2009.

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