“No. Answers, Aura. I want answers.” Xander walked over towards her, stopping when he was right in front of her. “What are you, really, Aura? Why can’t I drain you?”

“No!” she yelled. Tears flowed down her eyes again in her anger. “You Don’t Understand! You never will!”

Xander’s anger suddenly returned and his voice began to rise. “If that secret of yours is that big, then why did you let me feed off you in the first place?!”

Aura’s soft voice answered in Xander’s head. “Because I can’t let another soul die because of me.”

“A Perpetual?” he repeated. Xander scanned Aura from head to toe with disbelief in his eyes. Aura gave an exasperated sigh.

“Yes. What do you think I should look like? Snow white hair? Glowing yellow eyes? Won’t that be too obvious?” Aura said, frowning afterwards.

“N-no… I mean… I’ve always thought that Perpetuals would be… well… much older…”

Aura laughed at him like she heard the world’s funniest joke, embarrassing Xander as she did. “Stop it!” he yelled.

“Sorry.” Aura was trying her best to stifle her laughter. “I… I’ve always thought that energy vampires doesn’t look too far from the stereotypical bloodsuckers in the movies when I first heard of them. I guess we all make that mistake at least once. ”

“So, you’re a Perpetual? You’re really a Perpetual? So there really is a human being capable of producing vast amounts of energy without expending himself or herself?”

Aura’s face was serious again. “That’s why no matter how much you drain me, my energy remains the same. It was not a path I chose. The Essence chooses its Host. Never the other way around.” She sighed. “And now, even you’re in trouble.”

“How did I get into this mess?!”

“You tried to drain me, duh? Didn’t you think anyone would even notice?” she snapped back.

“You Fed Me!” he yelled. “You came to me! You could have run away from that class. You could have run away from me!”

“I know. I told you why I did that, right?” she gave another exasperated sigh. “It was really stupid, I know. I thought I was safe here. I thought that if I went to this school, I’d be able to escape from Them. I should not have assumed as much. They were good, and one of them saw me when I fed you.”

“They? Who are you talking about?”

“Hunters. Power-hungry energy vampires. They want nothing less but a Perpetual’s soul.” She looked straight into his eyes. “I’m sorry if I had to slap your face. It was the only thing I could think of then. Does it still hurt?”

Aura reached up to try to touch the offended cheek, but Xander moved back, keeping it out of her immediate reach.

“In more ways than one.” he thought sarcastically.

It was very faint, but Aura heard his thoughts, and she felt relieved. He is beginning to calm down, and she could start reading his thoughts again.

“Sorry.” She repeated. “One of them was there. She had been watching me from afar. I was trying to get you off their hook, but instead… Now they think you are my Collector.”

“Collector?! I just knew you yesterday! And you even slapped my face! Isn’t it plain obvious yet to them that we do not have any emotional connection whatsoever?”

Aura smiled mockingly. “That’s not what They think.”

“How come you are sure about this?” Xander asked.

“I can read minds, remember?” She replied. “I heard her thoughts. It was Ember. She’s one of the hunters, and she thinks I had chosen you as my Collector because I went up to you and fed you. She acts more rashly than the others, and you can’t change her mind that easily. Too much Red in her system did that.”

“Ember? So you know these people?”

Aura looked away, and Xander noticed the sudden change in her expression. “Monsters, Lex. They are monsters.”



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