Maybe he’s running late. Aura thought. Good thing she doesn’t have any more classes that afternoon. Her Wednesday classes start at 6 A.M. and end at around ten. She was also lucky that her last professor, Ms. Reizei of Algebra class, had let them out early. She was late for about 10 minutes from their agreed time, but when she arrived there, Jerome was nowhere in sight. Or maybe I was too late…

“What are you doing here, Xander? Where’s Jerome?” Aura asked immediately. She tried to assess her current position. She was standing in front of the classroom, right in front the teacher’s table that was located mid-way her seat and the door. Xander was sitting in his usual chair in the far corner of the room, but a lot closer to the door than she was. She could make a dash for it, but then again, she doesn’t know how fast Xander could run. Or if there is an accomplice waiting by the door.

She’s just relieved that Xander could not read her thoughts the way she can to him. But still, she doesn’t have the upper hand in this situation. His anger was unconsciously blocking out her ability.

She wished she knew how to overcome this obstacle.

Xander’s voice distracted her train of thought. “He’s at the dorm. Still sleeping. He sleeps like a rock, especially when there are no classes. He didn’t even notice me leaving our room.”

“You tricked me.” She accused. “You used Jerome.”

“Who’s fault was it this paper here fell into my stuff?” he snapped back, raising his right hand to show Aura’s Registration Form.

“Give it back!” she yelled. She was hoping someone would come along to hear her scream and stop them. So far, there was not even a single footstep coming from the hall outside.

“No, Aura.” Xander said as calmly as he could. He stood up from his chair and slowly walked over to the door to lock it. “If you’re thinking of running away from me again, might as well give up the idea. Nobody will come and help you, Aura. Just you and me here. You’re a smart girl. You know what I am… What I can do…”

The two fell silent as Aura tried to think of a way to turn the tide to her side.

“What do you want with me, Xander? My soul?” she said defensively. Inside her head, she answered her own question. Duh? Unless he’s a pervert.

“No. Answers, Aura. I want answers.” Xander walked over towards her, stopping when he was right in front of her. “What are you, really, Aura? Why can’t I drain you?”

“No!” she yelled. Tears flowed down her eyes again in her anger. “You Don’t Understand! You never will!”

Xander’s anger suddenly returned and his voice began to rise. “If that secret of yours is that big, then why did you let me feed off you in the first place?!”

Aura’s soft voice answered in Xander’s head. “Because I can’t let another soul die because of me.”

Xander stared straight down at her teary amber eyes. She continued. “I saw you in the hallway, and saw how hungry for energy you were. I heard your thoughts. How you do not wish to drain the very essence of the people around you. How you restrain yourself.” She paused for a small smile. “And I saw Jerome.”

There was a flicker in Xander’s eyes at the mention of Jerome’s name. She continued. “His energy flow is perfect. Even if you two had been together for a long time, you never drained off his energy just because you two are friends.”

Xander was caught off guard. Everything Aura had just said was true. “How did—“

“I didn’t want you to die. That’s why I let you feed on my energy.” She wiped the tears on her cheeks away, scolding herself mentally for letting her guard down once more. “I was impressed. Even the mythical vampires I know couldn’t suppress their appetites for so long. Especially for a trifle human thing as ‘friendship’.”

“But instead of helping you out, I’ve put both of us in grave danger.” she continued. “And now, we’re both going to die.”

“Die? What do you mean, Aura?”

“I guess, there is no turning back now.” She sighed. “I’m a Perpetual, Xander. And the other energy vamps like you now think that you are my Collector.”



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