The mere mention of his name had sent the memories of him back to mind. She pushed them all back to the corner of her mind where she hoped is where it will remain. Maybe she should stop thinking about him altogether since they aren’t going to be together anymore.

Maybe. Just maybe.

A chill ran down Aura’s spine. This was not what she expected.

“Hello?” The voice in the other line asked again as there was no response on the other line. “Miss? Hello?”

“A-ah… Uh… Y-yes?” she stammered.

“Is this Aurelia Divina?”

“U-uh… n-no… this is her roommate. Who is this?”

“Oh.” There was a hint of disappointment in his voice. “Umm… uhh.. This is Jerome. From her Finance Class. She had left her Registration Form in our class room and I just wanted to tell her that I have it.”

Aura tried to suppress her relief not only because her Registration Form has been found, but also because the speaker in the other line was none other than Xander’s seatmate, Jerome Hayden. The guy that was called by Mr. Martinez during recitation. So that’s why his voice sounds so familiar.

“Hello? Miss? Are you still there?”

“Ah! Yes! Yes. I’m still here. Who is this again?”

“Jerome. Jerome Hayden. Please tell her to contact me as soon as she could. And tell her that I can meet her tomorrow if she wants to. We live nearby, so it’s really no hassle.”

Aura tried to remember how Jerome looked like, but every time she did, Xander’s face comes to view. “Oh, okay. I’ll tell her that. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Miss… What’s your name again?”

She told him the first name that came to her mind. “L-Lilly. I’m her roommate.”

“Okay, Lilly. Thanks!” There was a minute pause before Jerome continued, “Hey, do you happen to study at St. Jude’s?”

There was a loud bang, and then static on the other line. “Hello?” Aura asked. She could hear a muffled argument from the other line before it went dead. Aura listened for a few seconds. When there was no response, she pushed the ‘End Call’ button and saved Jerome’s number to her cell phone’s directory.


Jerome gave a sigh of relief when his phone lighted up after he pushed the ‘Power’ button. “Dude! Don’t do that again! You almost broke my cell phone!”

“Sorry.” Xander said half-heartedly. “And thanks.”

Xander really didn’t mean to suddenly shove Jerome, which led the latter to dropping the cell to the floor. The phone shut off as soon as it came contact with the floor and it took Jerome two tries before he managed to get the power back. But when Xander heard the other guy using a pick-up line at Aura…

“I was talking to her room mate, Lilly. She said Aurelia’s out and that she’ll tell your girl that I will give her form back tomorrow.” Jerome said. “I was just trying to see if she’s available and-”

“She’s not my girl.” Xander repeated sternly.

“Chillax, dude. I’m not going to come within 20 inches of Aurelia if that’s going to make you happy.” He grinned.

“Not helping, Jerome.” Xander grumbled as he jumped into his bunk. Jerome laughed and turned the TV on to watch some late night movies.


“MEET U @ RM. 312, 10 A.M. SEE YOU THERE.”

Aura re-read the text message on her cell phone once more. She was standing outside the door of Room 312, Xander’s classroom and the agreed upon meeting place for her rendezvous with Jerome. She took a peek inside through the small glass window at the door. The room was dark and empty.

Maybe he’s running late. Aura thought. Good thing she doesn’t have any more classes that afternoon. Her Wednesday classes start at 6 A.M. and end at around ten. She was also lucky that her last professor, Ms. Reizei of Algebra class, had let them out early. She was late for about 10 minutes from their agreed time, but when she arrived there, Jerome was nowhere in sight. Or maybe I was too late…

Aura sent a reply to Jerome’s earlier message:


She sat on the stairway beside their classroom and waited for an answer. It was just after summer, and the 10 o’clock heat was starting to get to Aura. She tried the classroom door and when she found it unlocked, decided to go in. Immediately, the smell of fresh air condition Freon hit her as she entered. The air conditioners were still on, and she assumed by the freshness of the freon smell that the school janitors had just replaced it. She turned on the lights and walked over to her chair. At least it’s way cooler in here. She thought to herself.

“Good morning, Aura.” A familiar voice echoed through the closed walls of the classroom. There was anger in that voice.

And what’s worst, the voice doesn’t belong to Jerome.

“Good morning, Xander.” she replied.



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