Pretending that nothing is wrong had always been hard for Xander. Especially when in times like this that having someone to talk about it would definitely help ease the burden. But what can Jerome do? He’s an ordinary human being. Not an energy vampire like him. Or the whatever Aura is.

This problem is between him and Aura. There is no point in involving other people in this.

Nine o’ clock in the evening. An hour has passed since Aura returned to her apartment room from school. To pay for her school expenses, Aura had signed up for the school’s scholarship program wherein scholars like her are required to work off their tuition fees by rendering part-time service to the school. To her delight, she was assigned to the school library, where she has began her work as a student assistant just yesterday. This afternoon, she asked Claire Rosemond, a fellow student assistant, about the requirements needed for a request of schedule change. Claire was happy to assist her, after a thorough interrogation as to why Aura wanted a change of schedule in the first place.

“A change of schedule? Why do you want to do that anyway, Aurelia?” Claire asked.

“Personal reasons.” she replied, trying to reveal nothing.

Claire gave her a knowing look and a naughty smile that told Aura exactly what she was thinking. “Personal reasons, huh?” “What reasons?” she inquired further.

Aura gulped. This conversation is about to get way out of track, she thought.“Just… something.”

“Boy problem?”

Bingo! “Sort of.”

Claire tried to hide the grin forming in her face. “Oh, I see.”

You have no idea. Aura answered back in her head.

Aura sighed, focusing her attention back to the papers scattered around her. She has the letter typed, printed and signed. Acquired and filled up the Schedule Transfer form from the Dean’s office. The only document that remains missing is her Registration Form.

Putting the rest of the documents aside, Aura rummaged through her bag to look for the missing form. Nothing. She turned the bag over on the table and inspected its contents. Almost everything is there. But no Registration Form. Panic began to take over her as she hurried to her discarded clothes and searched its pockets.


Aura swore at herself. Where could she have misplaced an important paper like that?

She began to think over when she had last seen the form. Her last class for the day was Finance with Mr. Martinez. She had let the professor sign her form as proof that she attended his class, and then put the form back in her bag. Or did she? She isn’t too sure about it now. It must have fallen off sometime after that. That’s one thing she’s sure of. But where?

There are only a few places she went to after class, and she decided to start from there. First would be the baggage counter at the library. It might have fallen off there and the students didn’t notice. She would also try looking for it at the ladies’ restroom. It could have been in her pocket and was accidentally dropped when she pulled out her handkerchief. She just hopes that the janitor found it and kept it safe.

If she still hasn’t found it there, she would have to sneak in to Xander’s classroom and try to look for it there.


The mere mention of his name had sent the memories of him back to mind. She pushed them all back to the corner of her mind where she hoped is where it will remain. Maybe she should stop thinking about him altogether since they aren’t going to be together anymore.

Maybe. Just maybe.

A sudden thought flashed in her head. But what if he has it? What if Xander found the form?

She was about to debate on that when her cellphone began to ring. Digging it from underneath the pile of papers in front of her, she thought Who would be calling me at this hour?

The small screen displayed an unfamiliar number and instinct told her not to answer it. But her better judgment told her that it could be something important. Perhaps the person who found her form is calling her. Her contact number is on the form anyway, so it’s possible.


A familiar deep voice answered on the other line. “Hello? Is this Aurelia Divina?”



~ by urbanwitch on January 13, 2009.

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