It had been her own fault that she made herself known to the vampire. Even going to the lengths of feeding him her excess energy. What had she been thinking, putting herself in a great risk like that?

That maybe Xander would turn out to be a different kind of vampire after all?

Just like him?

Impossible. Aura thought as she began to calm herself down and let logic sink in. All energy vampires want you, Aurelia Divina. Xander may not know now, but he isn’t stupid. He will know about what you really are, and he will drain your soul.

And she can’t let that last part happen.

Jerome returned to the room he’s sharing with Xander at around 7 in the evening. The lights were off, and Jerome thought that Xander might not have arrived home yet. But when he turned the switch on, he found Xander lying on his side at the bottom bunk of their double deck bed. His back was facing the door and Jerome supposed that he had been sleeping all this time that he wasn’t in class. Loud alternative rock music escaped from the headphones that was on Xander’s ears, and Jerome wondered for the nth time how one can possibly fall asleep with something that deafening banging in one’s ears.

Jerome tried to walk inside as quietly as he could when he almost tripped over one of Xander’s sneakers that was posed near the door. He swore as he bent down and threw the shoe into the corner. It’s partner was missing in the middle of the clutter composed mostly of Xander’s stuff.

“Hey! That’s mine.” Xander exclaimed. He was wide awake and was sitting cross-legged on his bunk. His headphones were discarded underneath his pillow and a muffled version of the rock music he was listening could still be heard.

“You’re awake?” Jerome asked.

“I was asleep. You were noisy.”

Jerome doubted Xander had even heard him coming in. “Hey, dude, sorry bout earlier. ” he apologized, even if he still isn’t sure what it was he was apologizing for. “Why were you so pissed at me?”

“It’s none of your fault.” Xander said, pausing for a moment to think about a reason to support this. “I just received this emergency message in my phone and then later realized it was a false alarm.”

“Oh. I see. So… you’re not angry at me or anything?”

“You’ll definitely know if I was.” Xander said, digging his CD player from underneath the pillows and shutting it off. The muffled rock music finally died. He stood up and moved to the table to inspect what Jerome had brought. “So, what’s for dinner?”

Jerome heaved his backpack up to his bunk then went to the closet to change his clothes. Xander’s voice fell, and Jerome could hear it in the background. “Fried chicken. Yay.” he said flatly.

“Either that or something from the canned stuff. Your choice.” Jerome said, closing the closet door and making his way to the restroom.

“I’ll go fetch the plates.” Xander grinned, walking over to the kitchenette to retrieve the plates from the cupboard. He heard the restroom door slam shut and Xander sighed.

Pretending that nothing is wrong had always been hard for Xander. Especially when in times like this that having someone to talk about it would definitely help ease the burden. But what can Jerome do? He’s an ordinary human being. Not an energy vampire like him. Or the whatever Aura is.

This problem is between him and Aura. There is no point in involving other people in this.

“Hey dude, you ok? You’ve zoned out again.”

Xander tried to hide his surprise. He was too deep in thought to notice that Jerome was already standing beside him. “Huh? Uh… Yeah.”

“Are you going to read that Lit assignment now? I wanted to borrow your book earlier but you ran off before I could even ask.” Jerome asked as he took the pitcher of water from the fridge.

“Go ahead. I’ve read it already anyway.” Xander said, taking his seat at the chair that faced their door. Jerome has a habit of reading while eating his dinner. He says it helps him absorb the contents, but Xander knows he’s just trying to save time.

Placing the pitcher on the table, Jerome went to Xander’s bed and grabbed the black bag that slouched in the corner. He took out a blue book and was about to begin browsing when he noticed an odd piece of paper sticking out of Xander’s bag.

“Hey, Xander. What’ s Aurelia’s Registration Form doing in your bag?”

Xander quickly stood up from his seat and grabbed the piece of paper from Jerome’s hands. True enough, it was Aurelia’s Registration Form. Her picture stared back at him blankly. A student’s Registration Form is the most important document to a student next to their school transcript and ID card. Without it, a student cannot prove that he/she is actually enrolled in that school. A smile began to form in his lips as he thought of a plan to trap Aurelia.

“Dude, could you do me a little favor?” Xander asked.



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