“I’ve drained you… I’m sure of it. You should be feeling weak right now. But why is the amount of energy you have still the same as before?”

Aura stood up suddenly and gathered her stuff to leave. “I still have a class in 5 minutes. I have to go.” Her voice was cold and indifferent.

She was hiding something.

Aura ran away from Xander as fast as she can, still unsure as to why she reacted that way to him in the first place.

So much for making new friends on your first day in school, she thought angrily to herself. Tears threatened in her eyes as she review in her mind what had just happened. She frowned and forced the tears back. The last thing she’d want now is to publicly humiliate herself in front of these strangers.

The school library loomed ahead and her run slowed down into a hurried walk.

It was a mistake. All of it was a mistake. She continued to scold herself as she made her way in. She easily found the ladies’ room and locked herself inside one of its stalls. The tears began to flow as soon as the lock on the door clicked into place.

She is so angry. Not at Xander. But at herself and the rash decisions that she did that afternoon.

It had been her own fault that she made herself known to the vampire. Even going to the lengths of feeding him her excess energy. What had she been thinking, putting herself in a great risk like that?

That maybe Xander would turn out to be a different kind of vampire after all?

Just like him?

Impossible. Aura thought as she began to calm herself down and let logic sink in. All energy vampires want you, Aurelia Divina. Xander may not know now, but he isn’t stupid. He will know about what you really are, and he will drain your soul.

And she can’t let that last part happen.

Aura sighed as she dried off the remaining tears away with her already damp handkerchief. She must think of a way to get as far from Xander as possible, if not let her existence be unknown.

It’s too late in the year for her to be able to transfer school. In fact, she just got lucky that the University of St. Jude still allowed her to enroll. But maybe she could ask for a change of schedule so that she wouldn’t have to be in the same room with him. An evening class in Finance wouldn’t be half as bad, even if she would have to wait an additional 3 hours just to attend it. She had seen all her other classes except for Social Dance, which is held every Friday at the school gym. That’s the only class she is not sure of Xander’s prescence, but she can easily drop that class anyway if she had to.

Yes, that’s exactly what she’ll do first thing tomorrow morning.

And yes, she will be safe. Her secrets will remain safe.

She opened the door of her stall and walked over to the sink to wash her face.

It’s time for her to go to work.


The onlookers gathered around the still-shocked Xander, whispering amongst themselves while trying to figure out what had just happened. He tried to ignore the increasing pain in his right cheek where her hand met his face as anger began to well up inside him. Turning his back to them, he bent down to pick up his backpack from underneath the bench. It had fallen there when Aura suddenly stood up to leave, and some of its contents had spilled all over the sidewalk. Xander swore as he shoved his stuff angrily back in his bag. One of the onlookers tried to help by picking up a piece of paper that had fallen beside Xander and handing it to him. Xander quickly shoved it in without even a second glance and grumbled his thanks before hurriedly walking away from the scene.

Instead of returning to class, Xander walked away from their building and made his way out of the school gates and back towards his dormitory.



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