Suddenly, Xander heard her voice. Aurelia’s voice. It was so clear, like she was sitting right next to him.


He frowned, then looked back to her direction. She wasn’t looking at Jerome, but directly at him. She was frowning back, her face serious. Her mouth was tightly shut.

“That’s the answer! Tell him!”

“Well, Mr. Heather? What is the answer?” Mr. Martinez asked again, his red pen posed on his record book, ready to mark him a failing grade.

“Uh… umm…”

Xander nudged Jerome’s leg and pointed to the numbers he wrote on his notebook.

“Sir, it’s 4,573,824.72” he said.

The class then turned to their teacher. Mr. Martinez replaced the red pen with a black one and used it to mark his grade. “Sit down, Mr. Heather. The answer is 4,573,824.72.”

But how?

Suddenly, the bell rang, marking the end of their 1-hour ordeal with Mr. Martinez. The tension in the class disappeared as some students gave a sigh of relief while closing their books.

“That’s enough, Ms. Langley,” Mr. Martinez said. He then turned to the class and announced that there will be another graded recitation next meeting before leaving.

There was chaos as soon as the professor left. Xander knew that if he wanted to talk to Aurelia, he would have to do it now. He quickly stood up to look for her when Jerome blocked his view.

“Thanks for the early save, dude. I didn’t know you were good at Math,” he smiled as he picked his bag up.

“I’m not.” he muttered under his breath before pushing him out of the way. But he was too late. Aurelia’s seat was already empty, and she was nowhere in sight.

“Hey dude, what’s wrong?”

Xander swore and went back to his chair to get his stuff before dashing out of the classroom.

“Hey, look man, I’m sorry-!” he heard Jerome call out to him. Ignoring him completely, he pushed his way through the students already crowding the hallway. He must find her, but where?

He noticed a red haired girl in the horizon, leaving the building. A quick glimpse confirmed that she was Aurelia, the very girl he was running after. Pushing more people aside, Xander kept an eye on her as she moved out, but ended up losing her when the crowd moved in. When he finally managed to get outside, Xander scanned the vicinity for her presence only to realize that he had lost her completely.

Exasperated, Xander went to the nearby bench and sat down. He ran his hands through his hair, trying to figure out what’s wrong with him. This isn’t the first time he had drained someone, and certainly not his first time tasting a new color of energy. Could it be the effect of feeding off a Yellow? Certainly not. The Elders would have known.

But why had she- her energy- left him like this?

“Do you really want to know the answer?”

He looked up and saw the owner of the familiar voice. “Hey! Were you looking for me?” she asked, smiling sweetly afterwards.


“Aurelia. From Finance class, remember? Just call me Aura for short.”

Completely ignoring the frown that was forming in his face, Aura moved his bag aside and sat on the other side of the bench.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I always get shivers when someone tries to drain me. If you had told me that you needed to feed, I would have easily given off some of my energy to you,” she continued. “Give me your hand.”

A look of disbelief crossed Xander’s face as he moved his hand away from her reach. “W-what are you?!”

Aura stifled a laugh as she stood to gently reach for his left hand. Warmth immediately crept into his system at the mere touch, and Xander found that his hunger slowly disappearing. “Isn’t my name a clue enough or do I have to put it up in a neon sign for you? You thought of it yourself earlier. Aurelia? Latin for ‘golden’?” she sighed, her face now serious. “Now, stay still. You’re really starving.”

“A Yellow? You’re a Yellow?”

“Thank you for finally figuring it out, captain obvious.”

“How did you do that?”

“That? Oh, the mind-talking thingy? I’ve always had it as a kid. If this conversation is making you embarrassed, you can talk to me through here.”

Xander suddenly felt the situation was getting a bit awkward and stiffened. Aura’s amber eyes caught his dark gray ones, after which she gave another exasperated sigh.



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