The fangs dug deep and he felt her give a little shiver. Ignoring the reaction, he began to slowly drain off her energy. As the first burst of her blue energy entered his system, he noticed something different. This girl is one of the Blues, and yet… her aura… it “tastes” different.

And the taste… is addicting…

Impossible is right.

Xander found it impossible to get Aurelia out of his head. The sudden smile. The way she reacted when he drained her. And the taste…

Her taste.

He closed his eyes and tried to remember how her energy tasted. It wasn’t unlike any other Blue he had tasted before. Nor was it like all the other auras.

Could she be the energy he had never tasted before?

A Yellow perhaps?

Xander discreetly raised his head towards Aurelia’s direction. From what he heard from the Elders years ago, Yellows are known for their ability to shift from one color to another. This enables them to hide their true aura among the crowd and makes it hard for an energy vampire to spot. They have been hunted down by vampires like him for so long for the exquisite energy they possess. Because of their shifting ability, it has been a legend within their circles that if one gets hold of a Yellow’s energy, one will gain the ability to control the elements. Those who had tasted their energy said it was like tasting all 6 forms of energy at once.

Could that be the reason why her energy tasted strange to him? Is it because she was a Yellow?

He stared at her again. The only color he could see around her was Blue.

The taste of her energy lingered in his system again. No. She isn’t just a simple Blue. And there is only one way he knows to find out.

No. I can’t do it, he thought quickly, trying to erase the idea off his head. Too risky.

“Hayden,” Mr. Martinez called out. “What is the maturity value at the end of the year?”

Jerome shot up from his seat, knocking the side of Xander’s table as he did. Xander was snapped back to the lesson and began scanning the pages, trying to figure out what in the world their teacher is talking about. Everyone’s head was turned to their direction as Jerome fumbled through his book. Everyone, except Aurelia, that is. She looked like she was writing something in her notebook.

Suddenly, Xander heard her voice. Aurelia’s voice. It was so clear, like she was sitting right next to him.


He frowned, then looked back to her direction. She wasn’t looking at Jerome, but directly at him. She was frowning back, her face serious. Her mouth was tightly shut.

“That’s the answer! Tell him!”

“Well, Mr. Hayden? What is the answer?” Mr. Martinez asked again, his red pen posed on his record book, ready to mark him a failing grade.

“Uh… umm…”

Xander nudged Jerome’s leg with his left arm and pointed to the numbers he wrote on his notebook. Jerome smiled.

“Sir, it’s 4,573,824.72” he said.

The class then turned to their teacher. Mr. Martinez replaced the red pen with a black one and used it to mark his grade. “Sit down, Mr. Hayden. The answer is 4,573,824.72.”

Jerome gave a sigh of relief as he sat back down. “Thanks for the help, Xander.” he whispered.

Xander shrugged as Mr. Martinez went on with his class. “Now, for additional grade, can anyone show me the solution on the board?”

Miranda raised her hand and went to the board. Xander turned to Aurelia once more, only to find her attention back to what was being written on the board, completely oblivious of his stare.

Had everything that happened earlier just his imagination? Or did Aurelia really tell him the answer?

And how? Telepathy?

The thought nagged him. So many questions about a single girl in one day. None of which can be answered right away. Who is Aurelia Divina exactly anyway? He needs to find out more.



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