He turned his head towards her direction and closed his eyes to concentrate. In his mind’s eye, he imagined a transparent slithering snake uncoiling from his left arm and creeping towards the newcomer. He then opened his eyes to watch the snake only he could see as it bared its fangs and bit deep into the waiting shoulder of the girl.

“Ah!” she suddenly exclaimed.

Xander’s eyes flew open in shock and the snake vanished. Had she noticed what I was doing? he asked himself. No. That’s impossible.

She was sitting closer to one side, trying to reach the pen that had rolled off towards Miranda’s direction. Miranda bent down to pick it up for her and returned it to the girl’s waiting hand.

“Thanks.” she said softly, smiling in appreciation. For a second there, Xander could have sworn that the new girl had glanced briefly towards his direction.

But he may have been wrong.

Miranda returned with a small smile, then turned back towards her friends, completely ignoring the new girl.

But not Xander. He was so sure he had seen her look at him. And now, she had discreetly brushed off her hair that was on her left shoulder where his snake bit her.

No. He shook his head. I’m just getting paranoid because of hunger.

The classroom was quickly filling up. It won’t be long before the professor comes in and start the hour-long class about banking and finance.

He would have to feed. Even just a little bit…

He closed his eyes again to concentrate on her. The snake slithered down the same path it took before. His vision shifted, and now, he was looking through the eyes of the snake. He was there, behind her. So close that he could almost hear her breathing. She shifted in her seat, and he felt her stiffen. Had she felt his presence behind her?

He shook his head. That idea was just impossible.

His vision shifted again, and now he was looking at the snake rather than through its eyes. It posed ready behind her left shoulder, its fangs bared.


The fangs dug deep and he felt her give a little shiver. Ignoring the reaction, he began to slowly drain off her energy. As the first burst of her blue energy entered his system, he noticed something different. This girl is one of the Blues, and yet… her aura… it “tastes” different.

And the taste… is addicting…

“Astrophel?! Xander Astrophel?”

A warm hand tapped his shoulders lightly, snapping him out of his concentration. His eyes flew open, and his face looked like he had been slapped in the face.

“Hey, dude. Wake up.” whispered Jerome Hayden, his seatmate.

“Xander Astrophel?! Is he absent again?”, Mr. Martinez, their Finance teacher asked aloud.

Xander lazily raised his hand. “Present.”

Mr. Martinez looked at him suspiciously before moving on to the next name in his attendance record. “Baird?”

A voice at the other end of the room replied.

“Hey, Xander. You okay? You look a little pale again.” Jerome asked in a low voice, hoping that their professor wouldn’t notice.

“I’m alright. Thanks.”

“You were asleep again. You didn’t even stand up when we greeted Mr. M.”

Ignoring Jerome completely took some effort. Xavier wanted to scream at him for disturbing his feeding. But he was also thankful. Had he been draining her longer, she would definitely feel a little weak. Or even longer, kill her. He watched their professor as he began to tick off the names in his list.

“Divina, Aurelia?”

A now familiar voice answered from one of the seats up front. “Present.” It was her, the new girl.

Her name picked up his interest. Aurelia. The Latin word for “golden”. And her surname Divina means “divine” in Italian.

What a curious combination for a name, Xander thought. Almost like mine.

As if hearing his thoughts, the new girl turned to his direction and smiled.

He frowned. Did she just-?

“Oh shit! I forgot my homework. Xander, dude, do you have one?”

Before Xander could even reply to Jerome, Mr. Martinez began his lesson. “Okay, who were able to read page 23 of our book?”

When Xander returned his attention towards Aurelia, she was taking out a blue notebook and a black ball pen from her backpack as if nothing happened.

Impossible. he thought last, before retrieving his book from under his chair and turned his attention to the class.



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