He was in his class early. As usual.

Xander Astrophel sat at the farthest corner at the back of the classroom where no one could notice him. His head was bowed low that his long black hair covered his face and kept anyone from staring at him eye to eye. Not that there was anyone in the cold air conditioned classroom to stare at him.

He was getting impatient… and hungry. What time is it anyway?

He did not have to wait long, though. As he opened his eyes, his classmates came in one by one. It’s after lunch, and generally everyone was either well fed after eating some food or hungry for the lack of it.

Not that he actually cared that much. It’s just better when they are well-fed.

He was lucky this time around. Almost all the newcomers in the room had recently eaten their lunch.

Now it’s time for him to feed.

He scanned the room for a perfect victim and found Miranda Langley chatting animatedly with her friends. He stared at her for a moment to check.

Blue. He frowned.

The whole world seemed to be overflowing with Blues. He’s been feeding off Blues for as long as he could remember that he was so sure he would gag the next time he tries to feed off another one again.Too bad there isn’t much of a choice, is there? Majority of the people in his school are Blues. There are some Greens and Reds here and there, and if lucky, a White. If he was even luckier, a Black, the rarest of them all.

He sighed.

Her aura isn’t as bright as before either. He had been feeding off her since last week, so that is no surprise. But it had been his personal rule not to feed off at the same person more than 7 times. If he would go on, he’ll end up killing her.

No, taking their excess energy is enough. Killing them for it would be too much.

Xander raised his head to look around for more potential victims when he spotted a new girl sitting across where Miranda was.

She was a small girl with brick red hair and amber eyes. Probably a transferee, since he never noticed her before. He did not even notice her come in, and he supposed it’s because he was thinking too much about hunger to even care. She was going through her things, obviously searching for something important. Too busy to even think about the danger that’s about to come to her. And if her energy is of another color, then…

He stared at her intently for a moment, hoping to get another color to fill his hunger.


He sighed. Maybe he should ask for a school transfer after this. Blue is starting to leave a bad taste in his system. Perhaps he’d have better luck finding other colors in other schools.

But for today, this will have to do.

He turned his head towards her direction and closed his eyes to concentrate. In his mind’s eye, he could see the black snake tattoo on his left arm move and slither down to his now open palm. He watched as it slowly crept past his classmates and move behind the newcomer. There it posed, waiting for his command to attack. He opened his eyes a bit to make sure.

Yes, it was blue. And yet, it feels strange.

He closed his eyes once more and ordered the snake only he could see to feed. It then bared its fangs and dug it deep into the girl’s waiting shoulders…



~ by urbanwitch on December 17, 2008.

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