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“These… feelings… that you are feeling right now… They aren’t real, Lex. It’s only because you have this very strong urge to protect me.”

“STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!” Xander yelled as he kicked his clutter around the room. He sat at the edge of his bed and ruffled his hair in annoyance. Grabbing a pillow, he lay down his bed and buried his face in the pillow to muffle his screams as the memory of their fight replayed clearly in his head.

There were several knocks on the door before Jerome, still in his basketball uniform, entered the room with a worried look on his face.

“Hey, dude. You okay?”

“Nw im nwt” he replied. He then turned to his side so Jerome could see his back. “Everything. Is just. So. Messed. Up.”

“I know how you feel, dude. Being a rebound sucks. I never thought that Aurelia could be that kind of a girl. She looks like the perfect girlfriend.”

“Pft. Perfect my ass.”

“Dude, you shouldn’t have agreed to that contract in the first place. I mean, since you knew you were a rebound and all that. Seriously. Someone ALWAYS ends up falling in love. And that just makes the separation more painful.”

“It’s NOT pretend, Jerome. Our relationship IS real.”

“Don’t lie to me, dude. I heard everything. You two agreed to pretend that you are in a relationship on the condition that neither of you can fall in love, right? Probably to make her ex jealous so that she can reel him back in. I really hate those kinds of manipulative girls. They make us think we are heartless puppets of theirs.”

Xander quickly turned to the other side so he can look at Jerome. “Wait. How did you know all that?”

“Hey, dude… are you crying?” he asked as he noticed the redness of Xander’s eyes.

“No! How did you know about the contract?!”

“Well, you see…  I was still at the basketball court cleaning up when you two started yelling at each other. “

Xander sat up and ran his hand over his face. “Oh sh*t.”

“Sorry for eavesdropping, dude. I thought you were in trouble or something. I couldn’t help it.”

“No, Jerome. That’s not it. I think I just blew our cover. Argh! I’m such a jerk!”

Jerome sat beside Xander and placed one hand on his shoulder. “You really like, Aurelia, don’t you?”


“I think she likes you too, dude. She’s pretty confused I think… between you and her ex.”

“What?” Xander frowned, more confused than ever. “First you tell me that she used me. Then you’re telling me that she likes me. Next thing I know, you’re going to go ask me to apologize to her.”


“Seriously, Jerome. Not helping. You two are just giving me migraines.”

“But I’m serious here, dude. I’m positive that she really likes you.”

“Yeah right.”

“Take it from me, dude. I’ve been a rebound twice, and not one of those two cried for me as much as Aurelia did when I saw her.”

“She… cried?”

“Yeah. Not crocodile tears, mind you. Real tears. She didn’t even notice that I was already beside her until I gave her my towel.” Jerome continued.  “When I asked her what happened, she refused to talk about it and told me that she’ll just return the towel to me later. After thanking me, she retreated to the washrooms and then I went here.”

Xander stared at Jerome in disbelief.  Did what he just told him be possible? Could it be that Aura had fallen in love with him? Maybe that was the reason why she chose him to protect her. And all these things about being her Collector must be some well planned plot to keep him close. But if that’s true, then why does he feel that he really is connected to Aura? If she had been faking it, why tell him that he can’t fall in love with him? Does that mean there really is an ex-boyfriend in her life? Is he really just a rebound to her?

“Hey, dude. If you want to apologize, you better get dressed already. According to her schedule, she’ll be having Finance at our class in one hour.” Jerome smiled. “You gotta go out there and show her that you are the guy for her. Show that ex of hers how to treat Aurelia right!”

“Thanks.” Xander smiled. Though he was feeling more confused after Jerome’s explanation, it did feel a little bit better now that he knows a bit of his situation (even if it was a bit far off from the real one.) “Wait a minute! Why do you know Aura’s schedule?”

Jerome grinned as he showed Xander his notebook where Aura’s class schedule was written. “Got it from her Registration Form. I thought it would come in handy if I were to court her. But since you got to her first, well… I gave up on her the moment you two kissed.”

“Why didn’t you show me this before?!” Xander asked. It would have saved me from this trouble if I had known she’ll be in the same P.E. class as I am.

“Well, I didn’t think you’ll be interested. Besides, I thought you already know since she is… or was… or still is… your girlfriend.”

“She is NOT—“ Xander stopped when he saw Jerome grin. “Yeah. Right. Whatever.”

“Be sure to give me an update afterwards, okay?” He gave Xander a light nudge before making his way into the washroom.  “I’ll catch up with you later.”

“You’re not going to class?”

“You’re not the only one with a girl, you know?” Jerome grinned. “I have a date with Destiny.”

To be continued…



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You don’t have to listen to them at all. You can do that, right? Turn that thing in your head off when necessary?

Aura frowned, thinking of a nice comeback. But if I did that, I won’t be able to learn a lot of things. Gossip. Yeah well, if that’s what you call it. I guess you aren’t interested about how that one fangirl got a picture of you naked.

Immediately, Xander stopped dancing and yelled. “WHAT?!”

“Mister Astrophel! Where do you think you’re going?!” Mrs. Hamilton asked as Xander passed her by, completely ignoring her call. “What happened here?”

She saw that Solace had already collapsed on the floor and was crying. Everyone had left their positions and went to comfort the crying girl.

“Okay, move away. You.” She pointed to one of the girls who was sitting close to Solace. “What happened here?”

“We don’t know, ma’am. We were practicing here when that guy started yelling at Solace.

“I-I was j-just…” she sniffed. “I-I just wanted t-to ask him if w-we could practice after class.”

Dennis was immediately at Solace’s side. “Are you alright, Solace? Did he do anything to you?”

Solace shook her head and started to wipe her tears away. Dennis frowned as he stood, intent on following Xander and giving him a piece of his mind.

“No.” Aura said sternly, holding Dennis’ arm in a tight grip. She felt him stiffen, but she stared at his eyes long and hard. “I’ll handle this one.”

Immediately, Dennis forgot about running after Xander and went off to the lockers instead to get his bottle of water for Solace. Aura then slipped out of the room and caught up with Xander halfway through the covered basketball court.

“Hey! Lex! Wait up!” she yelled. “What’s wrong with you?! Why are you so upset? Solace was just asking if you two can practice later.”

“Why?” Xander laughed mockingly. “YOU’RE asking me WHY?!”

“What’s your problem?” she frowned.

“What’s MY problem? My problem is YOU!” He yelled, pointing a finger at Aura’s face.

“Stop it, Lex! I don’t have a problem. You have!”

“Oh please, Aura. It’s not like it wasn’t obvious that you’ve been flirting back there. Are you trying to make me jealous on purpose?”

Aura stared at him in disbelief. “Me? Flirting? I-I…”

“Denial? I thought so. You probably liked the fact that Dennis ran his hands all over you.”

“HE DID NOT! He just placed his hand a bit too low by mistake!”

“Aura, puhlease… Do you actually believe in that lie? All sweet talking men do that.”

“I’m going to tell it to you once and for all, Lex. It was unintentional. If he really do it deliberately, I would have read it in his thoughts. It’s not me that he likes. It’s Solace, okay?”

“So you’re the one who’s flirting, not him?” he asked. “Even if you knew that guy already has someone…”


“Stop lying to me, Aura. Anyone can see the truth.”

“Fine!” Aura yelled, throwing her hands in the air. “If I really WAS flirting with him, what’s it with you, anyway? It’s not like we really ARE in a relationship, so what gives?”

At that Xander stopped. He opened his mouth to speak, but closed them again and looked away. Why is he acting like this? Is that what it was? Is he really jealous? But why? Like Aura said, they never were in a relationship. So why is he so jealous?!

“If you tell me you’re in love with me, I’ll slap you.” Aura threatened.


“You CAN’T fall in love with me, Lex.” She said.

“H-what?! What do you mean—I’m not falling in love with you!”

Aura stared at him intently, making him shut up. “You can’t fall in love with me, Lex. I’m sorry.”


“B-but why?”

Aura looked away. “It’s pretty complicated, Lex. Besides, even if you are feeling jealous, it’s just because of the contract.”


“These… feelings… that you are feeling right now… They aren’t real, Lex. It’s only because you have this very strong urge to protect me.”

“So you’re saying… That all this… Is because of this… This STUPID contract?!”

Aura bowed her head. “Yes.”

“ARGH! THIS. IS. UNBELIEVABLE! I can’t believe were still having this conversation!” he said, throwing his arms up in the air and turning to leave.

“Lex. Stop it, okay?! I want you to go back there and apologize to Solace. She’s innocent. She has nothing to do with this.”

“Pft. And now you’re ordering ME around?! What am I? Your slave?”

“Lex, please…”

Xander turned to Aura. “Please what, Aura? Get away from you? Stop being overprotective? Think about your fake feelings? Oh shut up, Aura. We know that’s impossible. Because of this stupid STUPID contract we got.”

Aura was speechless.

“And stop following me.” Xander murmured as he began to walk away.

“Lex! Wait! Where are you going? You can’t leave. Everyone back there thinks you’re a jerk!”

“I don’t care.”

“But what about P.E.? If you don’t go back there, Mrs. Hamilton will—“

“So? Stop acting so concerned about me when we both know you aren’t.” he said. “I was failing that class anyway. I’ll just make sure to get a better P.E. class next year. One that doesn’t have YOU in it.”

“But I am concerned.” She mumbled to herself as Xander left the basketball court. Only after he disappeared that Aura realized she had been crying.

To be continued…


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“What are you doing here?!” Xander asked in a strained whisper.

“This is my P.E. class. What are YOU doing here?” Aura asked frowning.

“This is MY P.E. class. Do you really have to be everywhere I go? Should I expect you to appear in the Men’s washroom as well?”

The music started and the couples started to walk into the center one by one. Finally, Xander and Aura’s turn came. Xander gulped upon seeing the smug smile on Aura’s face.

It’s showtime!

At first, Xander was worried that Aura planned to trip up on her feet and cause a distraction. But as the dance went on, he started to notice that Aura was taking sure and measured steps. As if Aura knew just what to do…

You can dance?!

Just a little bit. Now take a half step to the left then back… Okay. Good!

Since when? I mean—

I don’t know. It’s been a long time. Instep then twist.

Xander obeyed her orders faithfully, not thinking that what she was dictating was something already out of Mrs. Hamilton’s idea for Swing.

Why are you here anyway? I mean, are you keeping tabs on me?

Aura smiled, suddenly remembering the same statement that she said to Bianca a day ago.

If you mean ‘do I stalk people for a hobby’, the answer is ‘No.’ Look out behind you!

He quickly recovered just in time to save himself from bumping into the nearby couple.

Nice reflexes. Does that come with being a vamp? She asked cheerfully.

No. Aura. Tell me the truth. Why. Are you. Here?

I told you already. This is my P.E. class. It’s not like I have any choice. Aura sighed. I’d love to be out there with the swimming team right now.

That makes the two of us. Xander grunted as he slowly spun Aura around.

At least, this makes a better cover. Aura thought.

Better cover for what? He asked, curious.

For other people. The normal ones. The vamps already know you’re my Collector, right? So they won’t be too surprised to see that we are together. But other people won’t stop snooping around unless they are sure that we are in a relationship of sorts. So why not go with the flow?

Xander made a mistake of stepping on to Aura’s foot at the mention of the word ‘relationship’.

“Ouch!” Aura yelled.

“Sorry.” Xander apologized.

What? Aura glared. Why did you just do that?

It’s an accident, okay? And frankly, you are NOT my girlfriend, okay? Let’s make that one clear.

Pft. Well everybody else thinks so.

Everybody? Xander asked, confused. Everybody like who?

Jerome. The people at your dorm. Your classmates. Your fangirls. Heck! Even Mrs. Hamilton thinks you’re my ex and that I wanted to get back at you so I enrolled in this class!

Whoa whoa whoa. Back up. I have fangirls? Suddenly, he gave a yelp of pain as Aura ‘accidentally’ stepped on his foot. “Watch it!”

“Oops. Sorry.” She sneered, pretending to sound innocent.

No really. I have fangirls? Where?

You boys. Always wanting to impress as much girls as possible. Do you guys give an award for the guy who impresses the most girls? When Xander frowned at this comment, Aura looked away, continuing with her statement. Oh they’re around. Always giving me migraines with their ‘Xander is so cool’, ‘Xander is so smart.’ ‘He’s a genius.’ ‘I can’t believe he and that girl are together’ ‘I think I’m much better than her.’ Argh! You’re so lucky you didn’t have to listen to all that crap every single day!

You don’t have to listen to them at all. You can do that, right? Turn that thing in your head off when necessary?

Aura frowned, thinking of a nice comeback. But if I did that, I won’t be able to learn a lot of things.


Yeah well, if that’s what you call it. I guess you aren’t interested about how that one fangirl got a picture of you naked.

Immediately, Xander stopped dancing and yelled. “WHAT?!”

“I said, that was outstanding, Mr. Astrophel. Your dancing is way better than your manners.” Mrs. Hamilton smiled flatly. “But I guess that’s all because of your partner, Ms. Divina, over here.  Do you have any background in ballroom dancing, dear?”

Dear?! Aura wanted to laugh out loud, but did her best to stop herself. “I had dance classes as a kid, ma’am. I never really thought I could still do it, though.”

“Well, if you said that earlier, then I should have given you a much better partner than Mr. Astrophel here.” Mrs. Hamilton scanned the room and found the person she was looking for. “Please  come forward, Mr. Zachary.”

The young man with short dark brown hair in the first row stepped forward.

“Ms. Divina, this is Mr. Zachary, one of our best pupils in this class. I will be pairing you with him so that you two can practice together and prepare for the upcoming competition.”

“C-competition?” Aura stammered as she and Dennis exchanged looks.

“All the Social Dance classes are having this competition next month. One pair shall represent each class and the winning class will get an award and a new sound system.  Since the two of you are the best one in class, I’m signing the two of you up. I know we will bag the first prize this time!”

“I- uh… What about Xander?”

“Well, he could take Dennis’ partner, Solace. “

Aura looked at Xander’s face in disappointment. Both of them are still shocked with how things had turned out.

“Umm… I guess… Okay.”

“Very well then, I want you to practice by yourselves. I’m going to go to the office and get your application forms.” Mrs. Hamilton warned. “No slacking around, alright?!”

“Yes, ma’am.” The class answered in chorus.

As soon as the teacher has left, everyone started to huddle around Aura. Especially the guys.

“Wow. That was awesome.” One of the girls said.

“So what’s your name?” The other asked.

“Aurelia. Aurelia Divina.” She replied.

A random thought from a girl surprised Aura. Aurelia… that means gold in Latin, right? Or was that Spanish?

Aura looked around, searching for the girl who came up with that thought. But instead, the guys started to huddle closer.

“Too bad you had to end up in this class.” One of the guys said. “I bet you’d do well in Ms. Bridgette’s class in the afternoon.”

“There wasn’t any choice. I just transferred here and they said this is the only P.E. left.” She said.

“You’re a transferee? From where?”  another guy asked.

As everyone started to interview Aura, Xander stood in the corner glaring at the group. He was focusing too much to not look like he was listening to them, that he did not notice a shy girl with orange-blonde hair come up to him.

“Uh… Hi…” she smiled.

“Hi.” He replied flatly, his eyes still not moving from Aura’s laughing face.

“I was just thinking maybe we could… umm… practice for a while… uhh… I-I’m really not good at dancing. So… uhh… I’m sorry in advance.”


Xander frowned when Dennis took Aura’s hand and dragged her from the group. He noticed Aura smiling shyly to Dennis and apologizing for causing him so much trouble. But it really irritated him when he placed his hand a little too low from Aura’s waist ‘accidentally’.

“Umm… Lex… maybe we could–” Solace started to ask, but was terrified when Xander yelled back at her.


Everyone turned to Xander and Solace’s direction, wondering what the problem was.

“I’m sorry, Lex! I didn’t mean to—“

“I said DON’T CALL ME THAT! Who do you think you are, anyway?!” he screamed. He then stormed out of the room, hitting Dennis’ shoulder and glaring at Aura as he passed by.



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LadyGrey26>> Hold on. I’m confused. We’re talking about Ember right? Ember Divina? Your sister? How did Alyssa get into the picture?

Goldember<< I DON’T KNOW, OK? As far as I know, Ember didn’t turn into a vampire. Alyssa is, and she took Ember’s essence, okay? Now she uses both Ember’s powers and her name.

My, my. Time flies so fast. Aura thought as the teacher began the customary roll call of the students.  Already, it was Friday, and Aura is at the Physical Education building for her morning P.E. classes.

Having transferred a little late in the semester, Aura did not have the convenience of choosing a P.E. class. The only class with free slots left was Social Dance and in the end, Aura had no choice but to sign up.

A few minutes in class, and she already knew the reason why nobody chose this class for their first choice.

“… Dennis Zachary….” The pudgy dance teacher yelled. “Okay. Class. Go to your partners and do the formation we talked about last time. We will just be practicing Swing for now. Next meeting, we will have the practical exam. So you better stop fooling around, alright?”

As she began to walk around, only then did she notice Aura still sitting in the corner.

“You. Over there.” She kept on yelling as if there was a mountain in between her and Aura. “What are you doing here? Are you supposed to be in this class?”

Aura gave her registration form to the teacher, who inspected it with scrutiny. “This is pretty late. We’ve already finished with Swing. In fact, we’ll have the practical exams next week. Do you think you can catch up by that time?”

Aura bowed her head as she tried her best to keep her temper in check. What’s with this woman? Discouraging your students even before they even try? “I’ll try my best, ma’am.”

Mrs. Hamilton grunted. “If you think that ballroom can be learned that easily, you are mistaken. Ballroom is an art. It cannot be learned without the proper teacher.”

Aura rolled her eyes. We’ll see about that.

“Well, I better pair you up with someone then. “She then turned to the list, adding Aura’s name at the end. “Which one of you seven gentlemen would be willing to teach Miss Divina over here?”

Everyone stood frozen from their spots, not one of them willing to volunteer.  Mrs. Hamilton grinned.

“Now, gentlemen… don’t be so harsh on our new student. I know  you will succeed to teach her the basics in just a week.”

Immediately, there was a commotion between the students. Aura frowned. Ugh! Why are there so many hopeless cases in this school?!

Suddenly, there were a series of hurried knocks on the door. Aura gave out a gasped as the door opened to let the latecomer in.

“Look what the cat dragged in. Mister Astrophel. Good morning.” Mrs. Hamilton greeted sarcastically.

“Good morning.” Xander mumbled in reply, keeping his head bowed low.

“Next time, choose an afternoon P.E. class if you intend to graduate without waking up so early.” She grumbled.

As if I had any choice. Xander thought to himself.

Aura giggled, forgetting that Xander never said it aloud.

“Well… it seems someone here is amused.” Mrs. Hamilton glared at Aura, causing her to stop giggling.

“Aura?!” Xander exclaimed in disbelief. Aura smiled flatly. Hi.

She then turned to Xander, then grinned. “Since it seems that you are well acquainted with our newcomer, why don’t you take the responsibility of preparing her for next week’s practical exams, hmm? If you do it, I’ll forget about today’s tardiness.”

“Hwhat?! B-but!”

“But you want me to fail you? That’s fine with me.”

“No –! I-I mean…”

“Then no buts, Mr. Astrophel. Now get into the formation, both of you!”

“Yes ma’am!” they answered in chorus.

“What are you doing here?!” Xander asked in a strained whisper.

“This is my P.E. class. What are YOU doing here?” Aura asked frowning.

“This is MY P.E. class. Do you really have to be everywhere I go? Should I expect you to appear in the Men’s washroom as well?”

“Eherm! Mr. Astrophel. Please stop harassing Ms. Divina.” Mrs. Hamilton yelled.

Xander hissed as he dragged Aura to the back row.

Is she always like that? God! I hate her! Aura turned to Xander, her eyes questioning. You hate her too, don’t you?

You can see she isn’t that nice of a person. Xander thought. As if we had any choice. Nobody wants Social Dance because of her. That’s why all late enrollees end up here.

Well I’m gonna do something about it. Aura grinned.

What-d? What are you planning to do? Don’t use any of your Perpetual powers on her! He warned.

And blow our cover? I’m not stupid. Of course I won’t do that. Aura put her hands into position and gripped Xander’s shoulder tightly. Don’t worry. Trust me on this.



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She knew that she shouldn’t have asked him that in the first place. She was getting too confident around Xander Probably because he is her Collector now. But it doesn’t change anything. She thought. It shouldn’t change anything.

LadyGrey26>> Hello, Aura. It’s been a while.

For a moment, Aura hesitated. She took a quick glance at Xander, who looked back at her with questioning eyes. She frowned at him, then returned to the screen. The Instant messenger popped back up.

LadyGrey26>> Hello, Aura. It’s been a while.


LadyGrey26>> I know you’re there, Aura.

The cursor blinked, waiting for Aura’s reply. She sighed and finally typed in.

Goldember<< Hello, Bianca.

There was an immediate reply from the other line.

LadyGrey26>> How are you, dear? I haven’t heard from you for years!

Bianca paused when she read Aura’s next reply.

Goldember<< Have you found him yet?

It took a while before Bianca replied.  The words “LadyGrey26 is typing…” kept on appearing and disappearing on the screen.

LadyGrey26>> Cassandra has been a big help. We’ve managed to get most of the Sanctuary together, but there are still others that are missing.

Goldember<< Have you found him yet?

There was a long pause before Bianca replied. Both of them knew just who this “he” that Aura was talking about.

LadyGrey26>> I’m sorry, Aura. There have been no traces as to where my brother is. I think it’s time that we just accept that he has passed away.

Goldember<< No.

LadyGrey26>> Aura, we didn’t see him after the massacre. Let alone feel him. He has… disappeared from this world.

Goldember<< No. He escaped. I know it. He must be alive somewhere.

LadyGrey26>> I hope so, Aura. We’re doing our best to put the Sanctuary back together. There are new recruits. You should meet them. 🙂

Goldember<< Maybe next time. I’m still having problems keeping myself alive.

LadyGrey26>> 🙂

LadyGrey26>> Cassie says you’ve grown stronger in these few years. Maybe you should teach these newbs a thing or two. They are giving me a headache.

Goldember<< You’ve been keeping tabs on me?

LadyGrey26>> Just a bit. You know I have to, Aura. 😛

Goldember<< So much for independence and privacy.

For a while, the messenger remained silent. Then, a new message.

LadyGrey26>> Aura.

Goldember<< Hmm?

LadyGrey26>> Stay away from vamps.

Too late for that, Bianca. Aura thought, casting a sideways glance at Xander who was still immersed with what he was reading.

LadyGrey26>> We all know that its you they’re really after, Aura. They know what you can do, and what you would be able to do. Until I managed to get most of the Sanctuary together, don’t get yourself involved with vamps, Aura. Even those not associated with the massacre. Latents. Avoid them. We can’t offer much protection from here, but I’ve already sent some people over to watch you.

Goldember<< Sorry, Bianca. I can’t do that. They’re already stepping on my turf. And I can protect myself if I need to.

LadyGrey26>> Stop being so stupid, Aura! Get away from vamps, okay?

Before Aura could stop herself, she has already sent the message to Bianca.

Goldember<< Alyssa’s here.

LadyGrey26>> Alyssa?

Goldember<< The vamp who calls herself Ember.

LadyGrey26>> Ember’s alive? And she’s a vamp now? But that’s impossible!

LadyGrey26>> Hold on. I’m confused. We’re talking about Ember right? Ember Divina? Your sister? How did Alyssa get into the picture?

Goldember<< I DON’T KNOW, OK? As far as I know, Ember didn’t turn into a vampire. Alyssa is, and she took Ember’s essence, okay? Now she uses both Ember’s powers and her name.

LadyGrey26>> Alyssa? Are you sure? But that girl was a normal human.

Goldember<< A Latent.

LadyGrey26>> I can’t believe she managed to become a vamp and drain Ember in such a short span of time. Ember is one of the strongest and well-developed Perpetuals in the Sanctuary.

Goldember<< Wait a sec. You remember Ember? You remember my sister?

LadyGrey26>> Of course. She’s my best friend!

“Oh sh*t!” Aura shot up from her seat, rereading the last words that Bianca has just sent. Xander jumped up in surprise.

“What-d?!  Stop scaring me, Aura, okay?”


“What?” he said irritatingly as he glanced to where Aura sat.  The frown in his face was immediately replaced with worry as he looked up to Aura’s face.

There was shock.

And tears.

“Hey, I’m sorry for yelling at you like that, okay?” Slowly he stood to console her but before he could place a hand on her shoulder, she mumbled his name once more.



“She remembers, Lex.”


She slowly turned to face him, and Xander could see the happiness light up in Aura’s earlier somber face. “She remembers Ember, Lex! She remembers! Ember is alive!”

The tears continued to pour as Aura locked Xander in her tight embrace. Earlier, there was only confusion in Xander’s mind. Of course Ember is alive. She’s that vamp that tried to attack us, right? He wanted to think more about the silliness that just hit Aura. But all these thoughts immediately stopped as soon as their bodies made contact. Immediately, Xander felt really happy for Aura. He knew that she was certain that Ember is still alive. That she managed to survive whatever massacre had hit Aura’s family before. He knew that together with Aura, they will find her again. He didn’t question about how Aura found out this vital information, or who it was she was talking to over the messenger. All that mattered to him then was Aura’s happiness.

Your happiness becomes my happiness.

We are one.

He smiled as he let the girl cry on her shoulders.

Yes. Somehow, Ember is alive.

And they will find her.



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Why doesn’t she already give it up? It’s not like she could return to the normal life of before.

No. Not now that she had dedicated her very existence to Him.

Suddenly, Angela Aki’s version of “Kiss from a Rose” began playing from her cell phone. Someone is calling her. She looked at the screen. It was her date for that afternoon.

She hesitated. Should she answer it?



“You are a Yellow, right?” Aura asked again, cutting the awkward silence that had settled between them. In her head, she scolded herself. That was a really smooth move, Aura. Do you really want to win his trust or not?

She knew that she shouldn’t have asked him that in the first place. She was getting too confident around Xander Probably because he is her Collector now. But it doesn’t change anything. She thought. It shouldn’t change anything.

“Yes.” He answered, walking over to where she sat. Quickly, Aura shifted the monitor to face him, so he could read the rest of the file.

It was an extensive research paper discussing the attributes of each energy color in detail. Most of the information written there were the ones familiar to him. But there were a lot of information that he doesn’t know.

As if reading his thoughts again, Aura said, “I would let you read all these information, but you can’t get a copy of it.”

“Why not?” he frowned. “And I wish you’d stop reading my mind.”

“Sorry. It’s kinda automatic now that you are my Collector.” She apologized. “But just imagine how Jerome would react if he suddenly reads this material. How are you going to explain to him about energy vampires, Essences and energy?”

Xander fell silent. Aura took the mouse from Xander’s hand and quickly scrolled down to the rest of the article, to the part that discusses about Yellows.

“The basic element of the Yellow is the Earth or soil. Like those in the other energy colors, if tapped, a Yellow (mortal, vamp or Perpetual) may learn Geokinesis (controlling the earth with just the mind). But the hidden potential of the Yellow is its adaptability and ability to shift. Because a Yellow can shift colors, he/she would also be able to gain control, usually of minimal nature, of the current energy color that they are attuned to. For example, a Yellow who currently uses Blue energy would be able to gain control with water, its element.

No other energy color could do the same ability, as shifting is unique to Yellows alone. If anyone found a Black vamp with the same ability, he/she is probably hiding the fact that he/she is a Yellow, or that Black is using a set of illusions to make it appear that he/she is using Geokinesis or any other ability that is unique to the other colors.”

“Wow.” Xander looked at Aura in disbelief. “I didn’t know we could do that… control the elements… I thought all that is just in the cartoons and movies.”

Aura grinned. “Well, where do you think they were based from?”

“It’s just… all these sound impossible.”

“Same thing. You never believed in ‘energy vamps’ until you turned into one, right?”

“So this means… I… We… get to control the earth?”

“And a bit of the other elements as well.”


Aura’s face saddened as she turned back to her desktop to click the icon that would connect her to the Internet. “Now you know… Why the vamps are after me…”

Xander fell silent, not knowing what to say. He tried to focus on reading the rest of the article, but his mind kept trying to think about one thing.

Why him? Why did Aura choose him to protect her? He is inexperienced in vampiric battles. And his knowledge about Perpetuals and Vamps barely scratches the surface. In fact, it was only now that he realized there was more to Energy Vampirism than just taking the energy of others to replenish his own.

Is that the reason? Did she choose him because he knows so little? So that she would be able to control him and make him do what she wants?

Is he just that? Her pawn?

Xander frowned.

“Are you okay?” Aura asked upon seeing him frown. The sound of her voice took him out of his reverie. He smiled sheepishly. “Just having a hard time reading some of these words… How old is this research paper anyway?”

“That’s just the electronic copy. The original was written around the 1800’s, I think.”

Xander nodded, then returned to reading the rest of the article. Aura turned back to the desktop(?) and gave a sigh of relief as the computer beeped to indicate that it has finally succeeded in connecting to the Internet.

The Instant Messenger automatically popped up by default, displaying the names of the few contacts that she has. It’s been a while since she went online. Or made her presence known in the Internet. Because just looking at her Contacts makes her think just how little time she has…

Before she too disappears.

A small window suddenly popped up on her screen.

LadyGrey26>> Hello, Aura. It’s been a while.



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“You were a normal human being once. Why did you choose to become an energy vampire?”

He stopped pretending and turned towards Aura. She was sitting behind the desk, looking at him and waiting for his answer.

“Revenge.” He paused, walking over to the fireplace and studying the cuckoo clock that hang above it. “Someone died because I was not strong enough. I needed all the power I could get. I can’t forgive him for what he did.”

“You can’t forgive him, or you can’t forgive yourself?”


“STUPID LITTLE BITCH!” Ember screamed as she slumped down her red velvet bed.  For a moment, the flame of the tea light candle under her aromatherapy kit grew big, making the liquid above it boil. It grew small again after Ember noticed it and she started to calm down.  So much for the calming power of Lavender. She thought as she buried her face under the pillows.

Why doesn’t anybody believe that she could do it? All she wanted was to prove to Him that she was worthy of him. That she can do everything for him. Will do everything. Just like always. And yet… here she is, coming home as a failure.

Ember didn’t know that Aura would be in Café+Pasta that afternoon. In fact, she went there because she was supposed to meet with someone. Funny how she, a Hunter, would go on a date with an ordinary mortal. But then again, after having lived with so many Perpetuals and Vamps for so long, wouldn’t you want to be with other people who would treat you like a normal human being and think of vampires merely as the bloodsuckers of ancient lore? Yes. For her, it reminds her that she is just as human as they are. And yes, there are a lot of times that made her wish that she didn’t have to be an energy vampire in the first place. Life is complicated as it is.

She didn’t notice her at first. Her energy was faint, almost indistinguishable from the energy of ordinary Humans among them. But suddenly, when that energy burst into life, Ember knew that a Perpetual is present in that place. She wanted to ignore it so badly. She wanted the presence to leave. Yet it seems the temptation herself was walking into her path.

She saw Aura stand up and make a run for the washrooms.


For a moment there, it seemed that time has stopped. She was torn between wanting to live a normal life and fulfilling her mission. If she wanted to impress him that badly, she should stand up and run after her right now. And she is going to do just that. It is her reason for living.


“IM ON MY WAY DER. SEE YOU L8R @ CAFÉ+PASTA. :)” (I’m on my way there. See you later at Café+Pasta)


Ember swore. She took a look at the washrooms and saw Aura’s hand grabbed her companion into the washroom. What a slut! As if I don’t know already what she and her Collector is going to do in there! I didn’t know she was this much in a hurry!

Enraged, Ember forgot all about her date and marched up to the counter to get someone to help her. She could not let the two of them get their way!

“Get me the manager.” She told the girl at the counter.

“Is there a problem, Ma’am?” the girl asked.

“I want to speak to the manager, and I want a word with him right now!” she yelled. All the other customers started to look at their way, curious as to what was going on. They started to whisper among themselves. Ember quickly turned their way and silenced them with an angry glare. The girl looked like Ember scared the hell out of her and she quickly ran off to the back door to call their manager.

It took her five minutes to get him. By the time he and the girl returned to the counter, Ember was already impatiently tapping her finger on the counter. “About time!” she frowned.

Immediately, Ember noticed a change in the manager’s expression as their eyes met.  He suddenly softened up, and had an entranced look about him. Good.

“Is there a problem here, Madam?” he immediately asked, beaming a smile afterwards.

“I just saw two students enter the girl’s washrooms and I think they are up to no good.” Ember said.

The manager gave a look of disappointment before continuing. “It’s pretty common here, ma’am. Usually the students would come in and use the washrooms to change into their P.E. uniforms. It’s pretty convenient since the gymnasium is nearby. Those students probably just wanted to save time, that’s why they both entered at the same time.” He tried to smile again afterwards, but it did nothing to reassure her.

“Even if they were a boy and a girl?” she asked with fake innocence.

“Wh-what?! A boy and a girl?”

“Yes. A teenage boy and a girl entered the female washrooms a few minutes ago. In my books, that means that they are up to no good.” Ember said confidently. “Or does your management just let kids make out in their washrooms?”

Suddenly, he blushed, embarrassed at her sudden statement. Some of the customers tried to look their way again. He began to be alarmed. If word gets out that they let such students do these things…

“Oi! Get me the keys right away!” he hollered to some of the male crew members that were gaping at Ember. Ember grinned. Her irresistible charm never failed. Especially since it came well developed with the package of that Red Perpetual.

Ember swore in her head again as she thought about how the original Ember used her charm.

Must be how she got her way into His heart. She thought, swearing afterwards.

The door of the washroom swung open, and they stared inside an empty stall.

They had escaped.

“Sir! The kitchen! It’s on fire!” she heard one of them screaming outside the door.

Calm down. Calm down. You can’t let this place burn into ashes. So many innocent people would die. You don’t want to happen again, don’t you? A voice inside her head whispered.

“SHUT UP!!!” she yelled again.


The sound of her cell phone beeping brought Ember back to the present.  She grabbed it from the night stand and read the message.

“I’M HIR @ CAFÉ+PASTA. WER R U?” (I’m here at Cafe+Pasta. Where are you?)

Her irritation was beginning to creep up again. She sighed and forced herself to calm down a bit before she replied.

“SORRY BOUT 2DAY. CAN’T MAKE IT. SOMETHING IM4TNT CAME UP. (Sorry about today. Can’t make it. Something important came up.)” she texted in. After staring at the words for a few moments, she pressed the “Send” button. I won’t be seeing him again probably. Too bad. So much for my first normal date. She sighed. It’s the third time already that she had missed meeting up with this guy she met online. And from her experience, most of the guys she’d known had given up on her at that point.

Why doesn’t she already give it up? It’s not like she could return to the normal life of before.

No. Not now that she had dedicated her very existence to Him.

Suddenly, Angela Aki’s version of “Kiss from a Rose” began playing from her cell phone. Someone is calling her. She looked at the screen. It was her date for that afternoon.

She hesitated. Should she answer it?


“Hello? Umm… I just wanted to check up on you. You didn’t sound so good. Are you okay?”

Ember did not understand it. But upon hearing his voice, her burdens suddenly eased. And she felt herself starting to calm down and forget about everything. Everything, except talking to him.

“I’m okay now. Thank you.” She smiled the most human smile she could do. It was not something she had done in years, and it felt great.

Knowing that after all, she is still human.